Jakie zioła hodować na parapecie w kuchni?
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Winter is a time when we have limited access to fresh produce. There is a lack of “something green” on our plates in winter. Of course, you can use dried herbs, but they don’t have the same flavor. With herbs on your windowsill, even during the cold weather, your dinners will remind you of summer.


Basil is a must-have herb in any kitchen. Fortunately, it is easy to care for. Just keep the soil in the pot moist at all times and keep it in a warm, sunny place. A windowsill will be the perfect place.


Fresh cilantro is a staple of Mexican and Indian cuisine. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to grow in your home herb garden. This herb loves sunny places, so it feels great on a windowsill.


Oregano is a constant addition to Italian dishes. Like basil, oregano likes moist soil, warmth and sunshine.


Mint is an ideal addition to drinks and desserts. Fresh mint leaves can be a garnish or a tasty addition. This plant needs lots of water and feels best in a slightly shady spot, such as next to a window

Herbs are a regular part of cooking, and fresh green leaves improve not only the taste but also the appearance of dishes. When choosing pots of herbs, remember that it is best to buy plants in a garden center, not in a supermarket. Such herbs will grow on the windowsill for a very long time, not just a few weeks

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