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People for whom the most important thing is comfort and traditional decorations, will love the bathroom decorated in English style. But how to arrange such an interior? We present proposals in this article.

English style fits most to large bathrooms. The room arranged in this style is a place of rest with carefully selected equipment. This is a combination of classic and contemporary.

What are the characteristics of the English style?

It may seem that the interiors in this style are overwhelming. However, this is a combination of elegance, refinement and warmth. This is a very diverse style, which currently combines tradition and modernity. In the English style it is impossible not to notice a trend containing remnants of the Victorian tradition. .

Ample space

Bathroom in the English style must be, above all, spacious. In small rooms, this arrangement will not work and can overwhelm them too much. For stylized ceramics, elegant furniture and accessories to look good, you need sufficiently large space.

Walls and floors

Large-format tiles, especially in shades of brown and beige, work well on the floor of an English-style bathroom. A marble floor would also look great. Wooden panels or exotic wood may be a good alternative to traditional tiles.

Patterned wallpapers will look best on walls, usually with floral motifs or decorative stripes in pastel colors. Instead of wallpaper you can paint the walls in pastel colors, for example blue, pink or beige.

Ceramics and mixers

The centerpiece of an English-style bathroom is a large free-standing bathtub, preferably with decorative legs. It is advisable to place it in the center of the room. Rectangular bathtubs may also look interesting. In a bathroom arranged in this style there is rather no place for modern shower cabins.

It is worth to install a standing toilet bowl and a retro faucet in such a bathroom. Undermounted faucets will also work well. Modern taps may not look very good here, so it is better to choose a traditional look. So it’s worth choosing a tap with separate hot and cold water taps. Bathroom taps are usually silver or brass in color. In order for the washbasin to blend in well with the rest of the equipment, it should be mounted on a metal frame with legs.


Wooden cabinets are most suitable for English style bathrooms. They can be white or dark. It is important that they were richly decorated – with decorative cornices or stylish knobs. In arrangements of this type very often use furniture stylized on the old. They will warm up the interior and give it a unique character. A spacious bathroom decor should also be complemented with an upholstered pouffe, a spacious sofa or an armchair.

Accessories and decorations

A bathroom decorated in the English style will not be complete, if it lacks a large number of decorative elements. It is worth reaching for a large mirror in a richly decorated frame, which brings to mind a palace bathroom. The walls should not lack paintings with floral or equestrian motifs. Soap dishes, soap dispensers or wicker baskets will complement the interior beautifully. Bathroom accessories in English style can come in chrome, gold or nickel. It is also good to choose brass items, which are very durable and can last for years. A great finish will also be curtains with a floral pattern.

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