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Do you hold your breath every time you have to open your closet, for fear of an onslaught of clothes? Changing from summer dresses to warm sweaters is a good excuse to put your closet in order and get rid of unnecessary clothes. 

Get rid of the dust

The first step in cleaning is to take out the contents of the closet and spread the clothes on the bed or on the floor so that everything is in plain sight. When the closet is glowing with emptiness, wipe it thoroughly with a cloth, not avoiding the doors and hangers. It’s a good idea to put appropriate fragrances on the rods and in the drawers, such as sachets and hangers, which deter pests and fill the closet with a pleasant scent. Washing the closet does not mean you should put the clothes back in the closet. 


Limiting the amount of stuff is the key to a tidy closet. Of the clothes you have lined, choose those you wear every day and against which you have no doubt you will wear them again. These items can land back in the closet. Display items for the autumn-winter season so that you have easy access to them. In the back on the shelf should be clothes worn less frequently, while in the front should be those you have a particular fondness for. Out-of-season clothes can rest in drawers or in plastic, tightly sealed containers. 

The problem arises when we tend to hoard things and find excuses to store them. Then it is useful to be guided by a few questions and make selections based on them:

  • Has the item been worn by me this year?
  • Does it evoke positive emotions in me?
  • Is it in the right size?
  • Is it in good condition?

Don’t be fooled by the category of “after-home” clothes, because isn’t that by any chance an excuse to accumulate old, worn-out clothes that are hard to part with? You should realize that the “someday” in the phrase: “someday I’m sure I’ll need it” doesn’t usually follow, and a faded T-shirt from your youth, although it stirs up fond memories, shouldn’t go back into the closet. What should we do with the clothes we decide to donate? If they are in good condition, you can sell them, for example, on Vinted, OLX or at clothing buybacks, or give them to a friend, neighbor or to some charity foundation. A good idea is to organize an evening with friends under the sign of exchanging clothes and spending time together. 

Arranging in the closet 

Now comes the stage of organizing the inside of the closet. Proper storage of clothes will not only save you the work with an iron, but also affect the life of things and reduce their deformation and damage. Shirts, jackets, jackets, dresses, skirts, and fabric pants should hang on the hangers. It is advantageous if there is enough space between the hangers so that the clothes are not too compressed and prone to snagging. Arrange blouses, sweatpants, sweaters and T-shirts that are placed on the shelves in equal cubes, sorting by sleeve length. The drawer for underwear and socks should be equipped with an organizer with dividers, which will help keep things organized and promote organization. For storing shoes, plastic boxes with a transparent window or the cardboard boxes in which they were purchased will work well. It is a good idea to fill the shoes with newspapers or pieces of paper, so that they do not deform. 

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