Eco-friendly ways to clean the bathroom

Eco-friendly ways to clean the bathroom
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Harmful substances contained in strong bathroom cleaning detergents can penetrate the body through the respiratory tract, eyes or skin contact and cause various ailments. However, there are eco-friendly alternatives that are good for your health, the environment and your wallet, and your bathroom will still sparkle clean. 

The bathroom is a place that is particularly susceptible to the growth of harmful microorganisms. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a good level of hygiene and clean the bathroom regularly. However, this does not mean that you should flood your bathroom with caustic detergents. Cleaning with such products reflects not only on your health or wallet, but also on the environment – toxic substances can get into the waterways, and the packaging is usually not recyclable. So it’s worth reaching for eco-friendly cleaning products.

Organic cleaning products from stores 

The trend for natural cosmetics has extended to the production of eco-friendly cleaning products, which are now readily available. Manufacturers offer cleaning products containing only natural ingredients. Organic products show the same effectiveness as chemical detergents, and the selected ingredients do not cause irritation and are safe for health, even for allergy sufferers.

Cleaning products that you make at home 

The advantages of homemade cleaning products are many. The ingredients for cleaning the bathroom are widely available and very inexpensive. Making a homemade bathroom cleaner takes a few moments, and the preparation is completely safe for the environment and health. In addition, cleaning the bathroom without chemicals is just as effective as using detergents from the store. 

Reliable heroes of ecological cleaning at home are the duo: baking soda and vinegar. Home preparations based on vinegar are very effective, as it eliminates germs and bacteria, removes limescale deposits and unpleasant odor, it is an extremely versatile substance and can be used to clean almost any surface in the house. Baking soda, on the other hand, is a substance that cleans from all kinds of dirt, due to its corrosive properties. For a pleasant fragrance and additional disinfecting properties, it is worth adding essential oils, such as tea tree, to the preparations.


To clean the bathtub, simply combine 200 ml of distilled water, 100 ml of vinegar and add a few drops of tea tree or eucalyptus oil, then pour into a spray container and shake vigorously. The liquid is suitable for cleaning not only the bathtub, but virtually any surface, such as ceramic tiles.


The sink is best cleaned with a paste that contains baking soda and vinegar. Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to a glass of baking soda and mix more thoroughly. Cover the basin with the resulting paste, wait, and then rinse. For a faucet on which limescale has appeared, simply apply a cotton swab soaked in water, vinegar and lemon juice and wait about 20 minutes. 


You will get a clean toilet after pouring a glass of soda with three tablespoons of vinegar into the bowl. Leave the mixture for half an hour, and then clean the toilet with a brush. Optionally, you can use another mixture: ⅓ cup of powder and ¼ cup of citric acid. 


Get rid of dirty grout with baking powder. Wet the grout, spread the powder, wait about an hour, and then wash the entire surface with a sponge. 

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