Serwetki wielorazowego użytku - czy warto?
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Elegant, colorful and reusable – reusable napkins are in fashion again. But is it worth using them? It seems that in the time of popularity of the zero waste idea this is a good and useful product

Why is it worth using reusable napkins?

They are considered to be elegant and stylish element of table equipment. Very often we come across them during parties which take place in a restaurant. They are popularized because they are more environment friendly than those made of paper. Reusable products, especially those made of cotton, have a smaller carbon and energy footprint. There is no need to grow, process, transport and process wood, which quickly ends up in the trash anyway. In addition, they are often aesthetically pleasing – we can find both single-color and designer designs

More controversial are reusable napkins, which are made of polyester. It is true that they can also be used for a longer period of time, they are stain resistant, it is enough to wash and iron them, but the material is not environmentally friendly.

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