How to host an eco-friendly wedding?

How to host an eco-friendly wedding?
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You’ve waited your whole life for this day. Your wedding has to be perfect and unique. Do you love simple, classic and, above all, ecological solutions? See how to organize a wedding in an eco-climate!

Every day people are more and more aware of the importance of ecology. We have to take care of the environment we live in so that we can live as long as possible, surrounding ourselves with the beauty of the world and taking advantage of it as much as possible. We put ecological solutions into practice on almost every occasion. One of them can be your wedding, which you can organize without forgetting such an important issue as caring for the environment

Green wedding is a trend that has been winning the hearts of many brides and grooms and their guests in the United States for a long time. The main goal of executing a wedding with a keynote that is green is to use as many materials as possible that are natural and renewable

The first important feature of green weddings are themes that are associated with nature. Many brides and grooms, therefore, choose to use specific arrangements whose primary building blocks are natural materials such as wood and flowers. The colors that form the basis of eco weddings are definitely green, brown and orange. Young couples also often decide to use natural fabrics such as linen or cotton

Vintage vibe is also an inherent theme in eco weddings. It is a reference to the fact that all things can be reused. Interestingly, today this trend is eagerly used and nurtured, often completely unconsciously, by the young generation. So it may turn out that in some time green wedding will be an obvious choice of many brides and grooms

Green wedding – concrete solutions

  1. Eco-friendly invitations

The first thing a bride and groom do after setting the wedding date is the guest list. All the people who are to be at the reception must receive an invitation. In case of an eco-friendly wedding, these invitations should be in a different form than the traditional paper one. Invitations in an eco climate should either be made of eco paper or delivered to the guests in an eco form. This prevents the production of traditional paper

  1. Souvenirs from the reception

When creating souvenirs for the guests, which are to remind them of this important day for the bride and groom, it is worth implementing ecological solutions. One great idea is to give plant cuttings to all the people who accompanied the couple on this important day. This will make the day more memorable for everyone who was invited

  1. Wedding rings

If you are fascinated with ecology, you will be aware of how much pollution is emitted into the atmosphere from the production of gold. This is what wedding rings are usually made of. It is worth considering two solutions when choosing this type of jewelry – taking over your grandparents’ wedding rings or melting down the gold you already have and making rings out of it. It will certainly be a very original and ecological solution

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  1. Wedding dress

One of the most popular ecological solutions that we can easily put into practice is to realize purchases in second-hand stores. This allows to reuse them, not to waste already created things and to reduce in production, which contributes to the improvement of the environment. The bride should therefore think about whether it is worth looking for her dress in second-hand stores. In some of them you can easily find gems of this type

It is also possible to borrow a dress from your mother, if it is still hanging in her closet. If you are not able to borrow a dress or buy a second-hand one, you can sell the new dress later. This way, it will be used once again, which is also in line with the idea of eco-friendly living.

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