12 things you can get rid of from your apartment right away

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12 things you can get rid of from your apartment right away
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You can find anything in your apartment. Sometimes you catch yourself thinking there’s more choice at your place than in some stores. Almost everyone has a problem with too much stuff. But what can you do to minimize it?

New year is often the beginning of changes and New Year’s resolutions. This year when planning them, don’t overlook your home. We spend much more time at home now, so it’s important to feel good there, and cluttered spaces are definitely not conducive to that. Start by getting rid of these 12 things and you will immediately feel the difference and gain control of your space!

What to get rid of in your home?

Start by reviewing your inventory. Hoarding and buying to stock up has the downside that we can’t usually use up all the products

Outdated medicines and cosmetics

First get rid of all expired medications, samples and cosmetics. If you can’t find the expiration date on them but you know that they have been in your home for a long time, it is better not to use them. Take expired medicines to a pharmacy, dispose of the contents of cosmetics in the trash and the packaging in containers that comply with their labeling

Color cosmetics

Do you still have lipsticks from 10 years ago in your cosmetic bag? Surely they have long passed their expiration date. Using such cosmetics can cause rashes or other skin irritations. You can use colored shadows to color candles, for example. Just consider if you plan to make them. Don’t put them away in a box for “someday it will come in handy.” More years will pass and you will still be faced with this dilemma

Spoiled food and freezer stocks

If you still have Christmas food in the fridge, unscrupulously throw it in the trash. Important: don’t throw the food down the toilet. If there is no meat, bones or fat in the food, you can throw it in the BIO waste bin. As a second step, take a look in your freezer. You can often find many treasures in there. Food no longer fit for consumption, throw it away. You should not store food for more than 9-12 months. Try to eat all your supplies in the near future so that you don’t keep them too long. If you have too much food, take it to the nearest eatery. Remember to write the date of preparation

Old bills, business cards, promotional papers

Starting today, start receiving all your bills electronically. If you’re afraid of overlooking them in the clutter of other emails, set up a separate email for them that you won’t give anywhere else. This way you will have all your bills in one place. You don’t need the old ones anymore, throw them away together with all the old business cards and promotional magazines. Remember that laminated paper cannot be thrown away in the recycling garbage can

Promotional gadgets

Lanyards, pens, bookmarks, etc.; at every event companies squeeze these gifts in, just what to do with them? Collect them all in one bag and take them to the local kindergarten, maybe there they will come in handy for artwork, for example

Old socks and spare underwear

You don’t wear them, but they’re still in your locker in case all the others are dirty. They lie right next to uncomfortable underwear. You will probably never wear them again. If it actually happens that all your underwear is dirty, you can wash them and hang them on the radiator at any time

Clothes “around the house”

Same story as with underwear. Pack everything in one bag and take it to a local foundation, such as one for the homeless. For such places, an extra pair of socks, especially in winter, is worth its weight in gold

Old cables, chargers, remote controls

You don’t even remember what they are for. Take pictures of them and put them on display at your local garbage truck. Maybe someone is looking for them? Maybe they will get a new life in an art project?

Damaged bed linen and towels

It’s the same with them as it is with your old clothes. You can fit everything in one bag. Ask at your local shelters if they could use them

Cassettes and DVDs

Do you only use Netfix? Then they’re definitely no longer useful

Broken glasses, cups, plates

They’ve usually been lying in the furthest corner of the cupboard for years. Place them by the dumpster with a note: “Go ahead and take them!” Maybe someone else will need them

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