Are paraffin candles harmful?

Are paraffin candles harmful?
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Do candles made of paraffin negatively affect our health? Seemingly a beautiful decoration, a decoration with our favorite fragrance. How does this substance affect our body? Read to satisfy your curiosity!

Paraffin is the most commonly used material for candle production. It is extracted from petroleum waste. However, there are candles made from soy that can burn up to half as long as paraffin candles! On the other hand, beeswax tends to produce light up to twice as long as a soy candle. So why don’t we use substitutes?

Harmfulness of paraffin candles

Colored paraffin candles sell much better because of their appearance and smell. Those made of natural raw materials will not provide us with such sensual experience because there is no beeswax with sandalwood or coconut scent in nature

Despite restrictions that prohibit the use of lead in wick, it still happens. Such an addition results in higher temperatures and a brighter candle flame. We buy paraffin candles because of the low prices due to the products used. The Environmental Protection Agency has conducted a study in which it proves that lead contained in candles raises its concentration in the air, which generates health risks. To make matters worse, lead accumulates in everyone’s organs. It becomes especially dangerous for infants, who are able to absorb up to 50% of lead from food and dirty water, while the elderly absorb almost 45% less!

Another harmful substance contained in cheap candles is paraffin. Even in cases where the wick does not contain paraffin, the danger is not averted. The fumes produced during combustion are a carcinogenic hazard, i.e. carcinogenic. The combustion process releases substances such as acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and acrolein

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas often found in cosmetics – at high exposure to it we can get bronchial asthma. Benzene, on the other hand, damages bone marrow even in small amounts. Toluene contained in paraffin affects the nervous system, causing memory loss and hearing problems. It negatively affects plants, contributing to their poor growth. It has a toxic effect on the fetus, which is reflected in neonatal diseases, skull deformities or developmental delays

Toxicity of carbon black

Right after lead contained in wicker or harmful paraffin, soot poses a danger. Soot is produced during the burning process, causing unsightly sooting of the vessel in which the candle is stored. Paraffin wax at high temperatures often leads to burns, to which children in particular are exposed. Spilled wax causes stains on clothing and damages furniture. In addition, it contains over a dozen documented toxins, of which toluene and benzene are carcinogenic. This poses a great danger to asthmatics, the elderly and others with breathing problems.

Candles made of soy wax

An alternative to harmful paraffin candles are those made from soy. First of all, it is a vegan, environmentally friendly product. It has half the burning time of cheap candles. Candles made from this substance are completely safe for our body

They do not lead to respiratory diseases or cancer. You can also use them near children who suffer from allergies. If you are bothered by their natural fragrance, look for ones with the addition of essential oils. The natural products used to create soy candles make it a biodegradable item. There will also be no problem cleaning surfaces soiled by the melted candle – soy can be washed off with soap and water, making it very easy to use.

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