Garden furniture made of europallets – is it worth it?

Garden furniture made of europallets – is it worth it?
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Garden furniture made of wooden pallets not only look original among plants, but are also a great way to save money and use ecological solutions. We check why it is worth opting for furniture from europallets.

Garden furniture made of pallets has been growing in popularity for several years. Thanks to the charm of the natural material, such models can be found both indoors and in gardens or gazebos. More and more people are deciding to make their own furniture that will suit their needs and tastes. The price of a typical garden set with a table and chairs or a bench is sometimes too high. Building furniture on your own with readily available and inexpensive materials is associated primarily with low cost. We just need a little creativity and free time. We can of course purchase ready-made furniture from pallets, but the satisfaction of DIY and pride in your own project is invaluable.

Why opt for garden furniture from europallets?

Although Europallets are not made of high quality wood, they are characterized by good strength and durability, so we can be sure that furniture and other items made from this material will serve us for years. What is important, pallets themselves are light, so the chairs, tables and boxes made of them can be easily carried and arranged in the garden, and easily hidden in case of rain. For proponents of ecological lifestyles, less waste and minimalism, the naturalness of the material will be an advantage, as well as many possibilities for its use.

Properly designed and finished garden furniture made of europallets looks aesthetic and stylish. Beautifully fit into rustic, boho and Scandinavian arrangements.

How to make garden furniture from wooden pallets?

Europallets are easily available. Often they remain after building materials, which are used in construction and renovation, then they do not cost us anything. We can also get them in construction stores or buy them online. It is also worth searching for auction services, where such pallets will be even cheaper. 

Pallets are most often used to make garden sofas, deck chairs, swings, boxes and flowerbeds. When we supply ourselves with the basic material, let’s take care to complete the tools. It will be useful:

  • a sander with sandpaper,
  • screwdriver and screws,
  • wood preservative, and possibly wood enamel,
  • brushes, rollers.

It may also be useful to use a compound to fill cavities in the wood, if you notice such in the pallets.

At the beginning we need to design furniture and measure it. Before building the furniture we should prepare the pallets. Let’s repair any cavities and cracks using wood compound and putty. In order to remove splinters and unevenness, we should use a sander. Do it carefully so that you do not hurt yourself in the future. After initial treatment, protect the pallets with impregnation. When dry, they can be painted with clear varnish for wood or colored enamel.

Painted pallets must dry thoroughly, only then can we build furniture out of them. Use screws, angle irons and flat bars to connect them. It is best to plan fastenings in places that are not visible, for example on the underside. Finished furniture should be supplemented with comfortable mattresses, cushions and thick blankets.

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