What can you give up in the kitchen?

What can you give up in the kitchen?
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Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet is not at all as easy as it may seem. There are many unhealthy foods in our daily diet that should not be eaten at all or in very small amounts. Want to know which foods you can do without in your kitchen? Check our list and get rid of unhealthy additives.

Vegetable oils that should not be in the kitchen

You should know that vegetable oils are healthy, but do not forget about moderation. Many studies show that our society eats too much omega-6 fatty acids and suffers from omega-3 deficiency

That is why it is worth to make sure that the kitchen includes a variety of highly processed vegetable oils, which are rich in healthy fatty acids. Excellent examples are:

  • avocado oil,
  • olive oil,
  • soybean oil,
  • canola oil,
  • flaxseed oil,
  • black cumin oil.

At the same time it must be remembered that oils have a certain temperature at which they can be fried. If this temperature limit is exceeded, then dangerous chemical compounds may be released.

Margarine – why it is not worth eating?

In the kitchen of many people there is margarine. It is perfect for desserts or even spreading on a slice I think. However, few people realize that it contains a great deal of saturated fats from processed oils. These types of foods should be quickly removed from our diet because they can lead to the development of inflammation in the body. This significantly increases the risk of developing obesity and overweight. In addition, trans fats contribute to the deterioration of the work of the circulatory system, which can lead to heart disease. We should also remember that they can increase the risk of cancer. It is better to reach for their healthier varieties, i.e. butters created from milk.

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Synthetic sweeteners – why should we avoid them?

In many weight loss guides you can find information about replacing white sugar with sweeteners. Of course it seems like a good move, but in reality it is even worse. It is worth knowing that synthetic sweeteners can be even 500 times sweeter than classic sugar which is usually found in our kitchens. Consuming something so sweet causes the body to produce hormones that are responsible for the feeling of craving. In addition, we get used to a strong sweet taste, which makes us even more inclined to reach for sweets. Instead of sugar, it is better to choose maple syrup or honey, which are not only tasty, but also have many valuable ingredients.

Sweetened yogurts and sweetened dairy products

It would seem that all products are healthy. After all, many times you can read that they are some of the healthiest foods. However, you need to choose only those that are actually healthy. It is better to avoid eating yogurt and flavored and colored milk products, because in their composition there are many chemical and artificial additives, they are also high in calories . This decreases their nutritional value. Instead, it is better to reach for natural yogurt, milk from cows, kefir and cottage cheese.

Canned fruit

You can find canned fruit in almost every store. It is a great dessert or addition to cakes. However, you should know that canned fruit is dipped in syrup with flavorings and a very large amount of sugar. Fruits themselves are rich in natural sugar, so their additional sweetening makes them a huge calorie bomb. It is better to reach for fresh and unprocessed ones. Canned ones can lead to a quickly growing tummy.

Canned vegetables

Salt, chemical additives, preservatives – these are just some of the ingredients that are found in canned vegetables. Although they are delicious, they are not the healthiest. It is better to avoid them to take care of your health.


Flour is one of the products that is very common in our kitchen. It is ideal for baking. It makes them soft and fluffy. Unfortunately, it contains bleaching components which, if consumed in large quantities, may have a negative impact on health. So it’s better not to use white flour. However, corn and oat flours are perfect.


Seasoning meals with salt is not necessary. Too much salt in your diet may lead to many health problems, which is worth remembering. It is worth noting that salt is found in many food products. This makes it easy to overdose on the recommended amount.

Knowing what foods should be in your kitchen, and which ones are better to give up, you can not only save a little, but more importantly take care of your health.

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