Domowe maseczki z miodu – 3 przepisy
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You do not have to go to a beauty salon to relax and take care of your skin. You can do a lot at home. See 3 recipes for honey masks!

Home SPA – this is it!

While it’s nice to go to the beauty parlor, you don’t always have the time or funds. Just because you don’t have the time to plan such a visit or your wallet isn’t currently satisfactory doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself

On the contrary, you can do a lot for your figure or complexion at home. There are people who do not use the services of specialists, but prefer to prepare, for example, masks on their own. Today we present 3 recipes for homemade honey masks! See how you can easily enrich your skin care and make your skin nourished and full of radiance. All thanks to a food product that you definitely have in your kitchen.

Honey masks – why is it worth it?

Honey is not only an ingredient desired in every kitchen, but it also has its uses in cosmetics. This is a unique product, which can very positively affect the condition of our skin. Its moisturizing and regenerating effects are great even for people with dry and dehydrated skin. Honey will make it more nourished, as well as give it a shine

What is interesting, bee products also reduce the tendency to irritation and strengthen the skin, which thanks to them can protect itself against harmful external factors. Honey also has a good effect on people struggling with acne or other skin changes such as scars or discoloration. The antiseptic substances contained in it also work wonderfully on oily skin. In short, it is definitely worth reaching for honey, even as an ingredient of masks. It won’t hurt, and it will probably help a lot

Smoothing mask – something for the stressed out

If you consider yourself a person who is exposed to stress on a daily basis, or you are an owner of mature skin, or maybe both, we have a great proposal for you. A smoothing mask with honey is the way to go! Ingredients needed:

  • a teaspoon of honey,
  • a teaspoon of natural yogurt,
  • a teaspoon of bran.

Mix it all together and apply it to your face. To give the mask a chance to work, leave it on your face for 20 minutes.

Moisturizing honey mask – check it out!

This time you will need:

  • a teaspoon of honey,
  • a teaspoon of natural yogurt,
  • teaspoon of mashed avocado.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply the mask on your face. It is worth leaving it on the skin even for about 30 minutes. What is interesting, such a mask can be used even every day. Great hydration is guaranteed!

A honey mask to help lighten acne scars


  • one teaspoon of honey,
  • half a teaspoon of lemon juice,
  • a teaspoon of nutmeg,
  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Apply the mask to your skin and wait for about 20 minutes. It will work great to lighten acne scars. So if you are struggling with such skin problems, it is worth thinking about preparing it. However, it is important not to massage the mask too hard into your face and be careful with lemon juice – in too much quantity it can irritate.

Remember about the allergy test!

There is one more point that many people forget about, and it is worth remembering. Before preparing a honey mask, do a sensitization test. A day or two beforehand, spread honey on the area behind your ear. This is important because allergic reactions to this food product are not necessarily rare. Watch your body carefully during the trial. If you do not notice any alarming symptoms, such as rash or itching, do not hesitate to prepare a honey mask and enjoy the relaxing effect of this home-made cosmetic on your skin.

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