Capsule closet – what is it?

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Capsule closet – what is it?
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Wondering what a capsule closet really is? Do you want to know its use? If so, it’s a perfect fit. Learn about the principles that go into creating a capsule closet. Find out what a capsule closet really is

Capsule closet

Capsule closet according to the definition available on the Internet is a concept related to the creation of fashion styling and a way of creating appearance. Its author is Susie Faus, who owned one of the most popular boutiques in London, Wardrobe, in the 1970s. Creating a capsule closet consists in having just a few, essential closet items that will never go out of fashion. These include pants, coats and skirts, and are complemented by seasonal pieces

The idea of a capsule closet has become popular due to the activities of an American designer. We are talking about Donna Karan, who in 1985 presented to the world a collection of clothes, which consisted of only 7 items of clothing. Capsule closet was popularized especially in the USA and Great Britain. The available elements, although seemingly limiting the creative creation of outfits, allow to create many interesting and fashionable styles. To achieve the desired effect, it is worth to pay attention to the proper color matching of all elements

Why is it worth using the capsule closet concept?

Thanks to the capsule closet we may be sure that we will always find elements of clothing, which match each other and at the same time we will limit the expenses connected with purchase of clothes. The elements we choose will allow us to wear them freely for many seasons. The collection should be supplemented with elements closely related to the given season. In this way we will minimize the need to invest in additional elements and having outfits that are worn by us very rarely or not at all. A woman’s capsule closet according to Foux should include

  • 2 pairs of pants,
  • a dress or skirt,
  • a jacket,
  • coat,
  • two pairs of shoes,
  • two bags.

The mentioned designer Donna Karan created a collection of “7 easy pieces”. The goal the woman set was really demanding. Capsule closet allows you to look neat and always appropriate to the situation even if you have a very limited budget

What are the basic principles of creating a capsule closet?

If you want to create a capsule closet, follow a few rules. The concept is not about moving away from a person’s signature style of dress, but pointing out the vast possibilities of experimenting with fashion. It’s a concept that draws attention to the fact that less is more

Learn the basic principles of creating a capsule closet.

Choosing the right color scheme

The simplest solution is to choose one or two basic colors that go with virtually everything. In this situation, it is worth looking at basic closet items in black, gray, white, brown or navy blue. Then items such as coats, handbags or pants should be kept in that color scheme because of the ability to match seasonal accessories. When creating a capsule closet, it is a good idea to choose two accent colors. They are brighter than the primary colors and work perfectly together. In this color scheme, you should choose: tops, blouses, dresses, shirts and other accessories. Once you have chosen a maximum of two primary colors and two accent colors, all items of clothing should remain interchangeable for a perfect match;

Pay attention to your body shape and proportions

Depending on your body type, different cuts of clothing will be a good choice. If the garments fit your body properly, you are guaranteed that the garment will stay with you for a long time.

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