maski w płachcie
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There are such days that all we dream about is a moment of relaxation, a long bath and a home spa. One of the ingredients of the last element are masks, especially those in sheets. Unfortunately, this is not a good solution for the environment. What to do in order not to give up the “luxury” and to take care of the environment at the same time? Create your own eco-mask.

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Eco-mask in a sheet, but how?

We can easily make a mask with a sheet at home. For this purpose we need a material, which we later soak. Drugstores sometimes offer ready-made sheets in capsules with properly cut holes, but for this purpose you can also use a thicker paper towel or cosmetic cotton tissues. You can soak the prepared material in your moisturizing toner, beautifully smelling rose hydrolate, aloe vera gel, natural yogurt mixed with honey, green tea decoction, your favorite serum or essence.

You are really only limited by your own imagination and the needs of your skin at any given time.

Making your own sheet masks is a great and eco-friendly pastime that also works well for a girls’ night out.

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