How to buy less? Start today!

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How to buy less? Start today!
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Nowadays we buy more and more, and the consumer lifestyle has become the norm for us. Our space is becoming cluttered, we don’t have room to store anything, and many things are lying around with tags or unpacked at all. No wonder. For years, advertising and social media have told us that the more, the better. Today, this minimalist living has become a luxury

Make a shopping list

Not everyone likes to make lists, however, sometimes they save our wallet and home from cravings. When we are talking about grocery shopping and excess macaroons, there is no big problem. It arises when we leave the drugstore with 10 excess items instead of one as planned. The same can be said for clothing stores. It’s worth making lists, although not everyone is a fan. It takes self-denial and focus. To start, we recommend writing a simple list that is not too vague or too restrictive. Remember, it’s meant to help you shop, not frustrate you, so allow for minor deviations

Don’t buy on the spur of the moment

This rule is indirectly connected to the one mentioned above. Having a list, you won’t buy anything unconsidered. However, we know very well that it does not work that way. We often pay attention to something because it is an “opportunity” or a big promotion. Let’s not forget at such moments that discounts in shopping malls have become the norm. This means that when something is cheaper, it is usually its regular price for 8 months of the year

Such ploys are designed to get us to make a quick and ill-considered purchase. Before you take something to the checkout, think about whether you really need it and what the reason for the purchase is. Wait a few minutes and leave the store or mall. Then soberly consider whether it is a necessary item. Maybe you need it for something else? There are different rules for such purchases. Some people wait only 15 minutes with them, while others wait 30 days. Choose your own time frame

Don’t treat shopping as a reward or compensation

We are largely addicted to the very act of shopping, and such values are instilled in us from childhood. In what way? Our parents bought us material goods for good grades, our grandparents bought us expensive gifts when we failed, and our godparents gave us gifts for our birthdays

There is nothing wrong with such actions, but because of that in adult life we attach too much importance to material things. We go to the mall because we are bored, wesurf through online stores at work, after a professional success we go to make a gift for ourselves, and after a failure we buy something as a consolation. We often love going to the stores, and we think of buying new things as taking care of ourselves. Unfortunately, but over time, the items stop pleasing us and cause remorse

Buy only as much as you planned

When you do your grocery shopping, visit the store a maximum of once every three days. It’s not advisable to do a big shopping every two weeks, because then you’re more likely to go to the local stores, which are more expensive and offer more promotions. Don’t buy to spare. If something has a long expiration date and you use it often, then the promotion seems reasonable. But if it’s another face cream or a fifth shirt, think twice about whether you really need it. Why not use up the things you have at home and only then buy more? That way, you’ll wear everything out on the fly and enjoy the new stuff twice as much

Go through your clothes

The advantage of people having a lot of stuff is not knowing – you never know what you’ll find at the bottom of your closet or on your cosmetics shelf. This is one of the more interesting parts of embracing space and your wallet. Go through your closet and see how many things you can use! Maybe the latest jeans go great with an old shirt? Or maybe fashion is coming back and something that was popular 5 years ago is suddenly so again?

Put everything out and decide if you really need anything new. Most likely you have everything you need in your closet, you just need to go through it carefully

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