What is worth equipping a home pantry with?

What is worth equipping a home pantry with?
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Those who have their own home pantry, know how convenient and practical it is. All the food supplies, preserves and less frequently used kitchen appliances have their place here, and we can use them at any time. To make it even more convenient, you should think about its proper organization and equipment. What should be here and what we must not forget? 

Arranging a pantry – the basic principles

Before we start decorating the home pantry, we must properly prepare the very room in which it is to be located. This interior must meet the conditions for storing food. The very choice of room should be dictated by our convenience and pragmatism. The best for this purpose will work interiors on the north side, without access to daylight. The pantry should reign appropriately microclimate and cold to ensure the right conditions for food products. Also key will be adequate ventilation, which will ensure proper humidity. The temperature is also important. Remember that there is no need to install heating in the pantry. The optimum temperature in this room should be 10-15 degrees Celsius. 

The pantry does not have to be large. Even 2 square meters are enough. However, it is important that it was set and that shelves and racks fit into it without any problems. 

Equipment of pantry

Shelves and racks

The most convenient will be storing items and food on the shelves or racks placed in the pantry. They may be made of wood, plastic or metal. It is important that they are made of materials resistant to moisture and easy to keep clean. Wood should be properly varnished, and metal painted with a paint that protects against rust. 

Baskets, containers, boxes

For storing fruit, vegetables and other food products various baskets, garbage cans and containers are ideal. You can store in them, for example, potatoes, onions or apples. If you provide them with proper air circulation, you can protect them from premature rotting. In particular, containers made of natural materials such as wicker will look beautiful. 

You can also use crates, either plastic or wooden, to store fruit. Of course, if you don’t have enough space for them or simply prefer to store them in bags, go ahead. Just be sure to give them plenty of ventilation.

Jars and jars

Probably no one has invented a better and more practical way of storing preserves than curing them, that is placing them in jars. Both larger and smaller jars should certainly be found in every home pantry. Clay and ceramic jars or pots may also prove useful.

We are aware that browsing Instagram or Pinterest may cause dissatisfaction with the appearance of our home pantry. However, we should remember that exactly in this room, it should not always be about appearance, but more about pragmatism. Not always what is pretty, works well and vice versa. A larder is supposed to be practical and serve you properly, so if it does not look like from the catalog – do not fall into complexes. 

main photo: pixabay.com/Filmbetrachter

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