How do you make rubs on your pants?

How do you make rubs on your pants?
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Rips and holes in pants for several years are leading the fashion. Probably everyone has at least one pair of such styled pants in their closet. However, we often do not have the need to buy a new pair of jeans, although we dream of a closet in line with the current trends. Fortunately, you can easily do the fraying at home yourself.

Although fashion trends are constantly changing, there are a few items of clothing that are always a real must have in every fashionable closet. A little black, a white T-shirt, a black ramone jacket and frayed pants. In the case of frayed jeans, there is no need to run to the store to meet the fashion. We can easily make such pants at home, thus giving a second life to old clothes.

Rips as a way to make worn out pants

In the past, ripped and worn out pants were the calling card of rebels and representatives of numerous subcultures. Today it is a sign of style, although most people prefer rather neat clothes.However, you do not have to throw your favorite pants into the trash, if just while cooking a stain appeared on them difficult to remove, or rushing to work, you damaged them in public transport . The place where the unwanted stain or damage appeared can be easily repaired, wiping the pants in this place and giving them a fashionable look

How to make fashionable rips on pants?

There are a few ways to make rubs on pants at home. Our mothers and grandmothers knew them well. In the past, when you wanted to have a trendy, feisty, rock look, it was not enough to go to the store, you had to be creative. Today, you can draw on already well-worn paths

However, before you get down to the nitty-gritty, pick the pants that you definitely want to change. There will be no turning back. Then, to avoid a sloppy effect, it’s a good idea to mark with a marker, pencil or pen, the place where you want to create fashionable rubbings

The best type of pants to do any rubbing or holes are jeans. Additionally, it is important to remember that we do not put the pants when we are going to make holes or rips in them. Therefore, you should prepare a pad such as a piece of cardboard, pumice stone, sandpaper, a needle, a sharp nail file and scissors

Scratches on pants, do it yourself!

There are many ways to do this and they all rely on the same mechanism. Rubbing with a sharp tool, we wipe the material. So, the abrasions can be done with a pumice stone. This is the most popular method, because the abrasions come out naturally and the pants are, in a way, specially aged , in addition, sometimes small shreds are formed, which only add charm. You can also use a file, but the surface of the abrasion will be smaller (it will work if you want to achieve the effect of crossed stripes). Be careful with the file, however, using a sharp file for gel nails, it is easy to damage the material and accidentally make a hole, although it will certainly look interesting. The last tool is medium sharp sandpaper, also rub the material with it until a satisfactory result

Rips and holes

Scratches on pants look good when accompanied by holes. You can rub the material until it tears, or you can specially cut it. In order to make them frayed, you should, for example, use a pumice stone to rub the edges of the cut material or pull the threads with a needle. Then the holes will be frayed and will add a rock claw to the pants

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