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Do you feel bad about replacing your furniture with new ones? Do you want to introduce a bit of freshness to your interior design? These two issues can be combined! You do not need much to give furniture a second life. In the following article we suggest some simple ways to easily change the look of your home without hurting your wallet.

Brush in hand!

In every DIY store you will find a really wide selection of furniture paints. So if you want to add a touch of color to your interior without having to repaint all your walls and spend hours with a roller in your hand or spend a lot of money changing upholstery, painting a coffee table, a TV cabinet or a bookcase is a great alternative! In a simple, cheap and fast way you can make your living room, kitchen or bedroom look completely different. It’s also a great solution, if you inherited some furniture from your grandmother and you do not quite like the high gloss of the People’s Republic of Poland.

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How to paint furniture?

Let’s start with what you need to start giving your furniture a new face:

  • a small size roller,
  • brush, preferably bought specifically for this occasion, after all, you do not want individual bristles sunk in paint,
  • stretch foil to protect the elements (yes, the manufacturer of stretch foil can also help you with painting!)
  • fine and coarse-grained sandpaper,
  • a screwdriver for unscrewing furniture.

How does painting furniture look like step by step? (We mainly mean wooden furniture, although of course it is possible to repaint almost any material).

  1. First of all, disassemble the furniture, this will allow you to paint with attention to detail. If you can’t unscrew handles or knobs, it’s time to protect them with stretch foil.
  2. Then reach for the sandpaper and wipe down the surface of the furniture, preparing it for a fresh coat of paint.
  3. Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, it’s time for paint. A good choice would be acrylic wood paints if you want to completely cover the surface or wood stains if you want a natural looking grain.
  4. Start by painting the hard-to-reach parts and details and only then use a roller. This will allow you to get a smooth, even coat.
  5. If necessary, apply another coat of paint, but not more than three if you want to avoid unsightly chips.
  6. It is a good idea to give the furniture a week’s rest from intensive use to allow the paint to harden.

Alternatives to paint

If you are not comfortable with a roller in your hand, there is a non-marking alternative to paint. We’re talking about PVC furniture veneers, which will transform the look of your home without the mess. There is a wide range of films available on the market, some of which look just like wood or other natural materials. What’s more, it is extremely resistant to damage and discolouration and is very easy to clean, making it ideal for rooms such as kitchens and children’s rooms.

The secret art of decoupage

Another great and really effective way to refresh the look of your furniture is the art of decoupage. If you just have a little patience and desire, you can make your furniture one of a kind. You can find decoupage starter kits online and in good stationery stores so you can make your dresser, stools or even your desk unique. This technique allows you to achieve effects that will answer your sense of style or aesthetics like no other

When it comes to decoupage, you choose the patterns, colors and textures. It is worth knowing that you can refresh your furniture at a really low cost. All you need is a free afternoon and the transferred pattern can be taken even from napkins, newspapers or a laser printer.

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