Reducing plastic at home – 11 ways

Reducing plastic at home – 11 ways
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Since the 1990s, plastic packaging has flooded our market and become indispensable. Unfortunately, this way of packaging food has led to us accumulating more and more trash. If you want to reduce the amount of packaging in your home, it’s helpful to know 11 ways to reduce plastic.

Replace plastic bags with reusable ones

You’ve probably forgotten your plastic bag and bought another bag at the store, which later ends up in the recycling garbage can. Before you go out shopping, prepare a reusable cloth bag. It may not seem like much for the ecosystem, but you will greatly reduce the amount of plastic you use at home with this habit. Various eco-friendly companies produce reusable nets and bags that can be cleaned and washed later.

Replace liquid and shampoo in plastic packaging with eco products

Drugstores have created many eco-friendly cosmetics with recycled packaging. Choose eco-friendly bar soap instead of shower lotion in plastic packaging. Recently, bar shampoos and other zero waste cosmetics have also become available

Many companies offer body butters and creams in glass jars. They are ecological and durable, and by the way, you can use them later to store trinkets. Some brands have also introduced a refill option. It consists in replenishing everyday products, including cosmetics and cleaning agents. You buy a container once and then only refill it with a chosen product. Refill stations have already been established in Łódź, among others in Rossman. They have been introduced by Only Bio, an ecological brand whose aim is to promote care for the natural environment.

Do not order food online, but only with personal collection

Anyone who ordered food online at the weekend knows how much unnecessary packaging remains after such a feast. Paper bags, plastic cutlery, or Styrofoam boxes – all of these items unfortunately end up in the trash after the meal. If you do not have time to prepare food, choose the option of personal collection. Ask the restaurant to fill the reusable jars and boxes you bring. More and more diet caterers are agreeing to this solution. You buy the packaging only once, and then return the already washed dishes.

Get rid of disposable coffee mugs

Drinking coffee on the run, you often don’t notice how much waste you generate. Fortunately, many coffee shops and gas stations are promoting sustainability. You can buy a reusable coffee mug and just refill it with this delicious beverage later. What’s more, coffee shop chain Starbucks has introduced a discount for environmentalists who bring their own cup!

Drink water from reusable bottles

While taking care of our health, unfortunately, many times we litter the environment with huge amounts of plastic bottles. The habit of drinking water is not bad, as long as we introduce it head on. Instead of buying a bottle of mineral water and generating a lot of waste, invest in a bottle with a filter or a filter jug for your home. Pour your water into smaller bottles, such as glass bottles. You will definitely reduce your plastic consumption by doing so.

Avoid plastic gadgets

You can give up plastic more easily if you choose everyday items made from other materials. Bamboo toothbrushes, for example, are now on the market. Find eco-friendly substitutes for plastic gadgets and toiletries.

Buy wisely on the Internet

In your shopping frenzy, you may not only spend a considerable amount of cash, but also generate huge amounts of waste. Choose those items that are essential for you. Try to shop from one retailer and if you opt for a product packaged in plastic, try to choose its larger contents. Instead of having several packages to throw away, you will be left with one large package.

Reduce the use of garbage bags

It is a good practice to throw away your trash only when it is overflowing. You can also opt for eco-friendly trash bags that do much less harm to the environment.

Choose stores where you can use reusable packaging

More and more hypermarkets are opting for reusable packaging for bread or vegetables. You can get them in the form of cotton nets. When shopping, just remember to take them with you in your bag. It is much better and more ecological solution than plastic bags.

Don’t use plastic straws

At a party, try not to use plastic straws. If you absolutely must drink your drink through a straw, opt for a metal or bamboo version.

Buy products packaged in eco-friendly packaging

Many products have a label that they are packaged in eco-friendly packaging that does not harm the environment. If you care about nature, check for the product’s label before you buy.

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