How to store sunglasses?

How to store sunglasses?
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Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for the vacations. Their proper storage will make them serve us for many years. What is worth remembering?

Good quality glasses, both corrective and sunglasses, are usually a large expense. To serve us as long as possible and maintain the aesthetic appearance, it is worth to take care of them. Both proper care and proper storage are important. A few simple rules will help you enjoy this accessory for many years!

Eyeglasses case

The safest way to store sunglasses is to regularly put them in a special case. This is especially important in situations where there are small children or pets in the home. It is worth to choose a good quality case with rigid walls, so that the glasses will be protected against crushing or other mechanical damage (for example scratching the lenses).

The case should have a durable closure. Thanks to such method of storage, sunglasses will also be effectively protected from dust and other dirt. Sunglasses should be removed with both hands to avoid frame deformation or breakage.

Always keep the glasses case in the same place: This prevents the glasses from being difficult to find. A case is not only useful at home, but also if you need to take your spectacles with you to work or on a journey, for example

Case or case

For those who own several pairs of sunglasses, a specially designed storage box, case or casket can be a good solution. Glasses will then be able to be stored together, which will make it much easier to find a particular model that you would like to wear on a particular day.

The storage space should be lined with soft, delicate material, which will prevent scratching the glasses. Remember to always put glasses folded and placed on the temples. Putting the lenses down can cause scratches!

Other ways to store sunglasses

Fans of original solutions and owners of a large number of sunglasses can choose a method of display reminiscent of that in optical shops. It is enough to create a vertical shelf with holes in order to safely place all models from your collection and have easy and quick access to them on a daily basis.

In addition, an interesting solution may be to hang sunglasses on ribbons or even on clothes hangers. Before deciding and choosing such an impressive way to present your eyewear collection, it is worth making sure that they will be placed stably and safely.

Useful accessories for sunglasses

In addition to a suitable, good quality case or casket, it is also worth remembering to always have a few gadgets on hand to take proper care of your sunglasses.

One of them is certainly a soft microfiber cloth. It will ensure proper cleaning of the lenses without the risk of scratching them. A string tied to the temples may also be useful. They will increase your safety and, if properly installed, will make sure that in case of a fall your glasses will hang around your neck instead of falling to the ground.

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