Minimalist bathroom – how to decorate it?

Minimalist bathroom – how to decorate it?
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Find a place for minimalist philosophy in your bathroom. Minimalism is more than cleaning out your closet and getting rid of unnecessary items, it’s a way of living and reoganizing the space around you so that it becomes practical and harmonious at the same time. How to bring the minimalist idea into your bathroom? We advise you!

No more than one

When decorating your bathroom according to the minimalist idea you should start by getting rid of unnecessary items. You certainly don’t need all four bottles of shampoo, five conditioners and three shower gels. Limit yourself to single cosmetics, and store any spare items in a cupboard. You’ll save space, plus you’ll save money when you stop yourself from buying your favourite shampoo on special offer – after all, you already have one at home!

The right mixers

Minimalism is not only an interior straight from Pinterest boards. Minimalism is first of all about practical solutions which make everyday life more efficient. There is no denying that walk-in shower cabins have a very modern and aesthetic design, but in addition they are also extremely functional. They are easier to clean than standard cabins. They will work well for families with children (plenty of space for a bathtub), the elderly, and people with disabilities

In the case of the toilet and bidet, it is best to opt for suspended models, since the free floor space means more space in the bathroom. In addition, in their case the tank is completely hidden in the wall. Only the flush button is visible, and after all, that’s what minimalism is all about – achieving harmony in the interior of the room, thanks to the reduction of “dust collectors”.

Concrete or wood?

Arrangement of a minimalist bathroom can take different forms, so it is worth considering first of all how much you want to use a particular material and what style you prefer. Interior decorators and designers suggest several solutions

If you opt for steel and glass, wisely consider how much of it you will place. After all, you don’t want your bathroom to look like an interior straight out of a mad scientist’s lab, do you? A great addition to glass and steel will be concrete in various forms, such as decorative concrete, GRC fiberglass reinforced panels, cement tiles or tiles that mimic the raw material. Also great for a minimalist bathroom is raw wood that looks like old wood and epoxy resin, which is a material that is not only striking and available in many colors, but also waterproof and easy to clean and will definitely make your bathroom not only beautiful but also functional.

Reduce the decorations

Minimalist interiors are fond of empty countertops, especially when it comes to bathrooms. These are generally the smallest rooms in the house, so you shouldn’t clutter them with unnecessary decorations that take up already limited space. Just opt for one or two decorations and you will emphasize the uniqueness of your bathroom’s interior without overwhelming it

Don’t be afraid of color

The desire to have a minimalist bathroom does not have to be associated with the need to give up color. On the contrary, when decorating such an interior, do not limit yourself to classic black and white, but also decide on a colourful accent, which will enliven your interior. The most important thing is that the choice was carefully thought out and blended well with other elements of the decor. It doesn’t take much, just bathroom accessories in strong colors or towels in an interesting color to give the room a special character.

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