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Increasingly, we are paying attention to ecology and a return to nature. Years of pursuit of dynamic economic development, led to a massive level of exploitation of natural resources. It is worth betting on ecological products such as natural scented candles

What are natural scented candles?

Natural scented candles are environmentally friendly products. Getting back to nature is a global trend that has spread to many areas and for good reason. Many people are committed to living an eco lifestyle. They buy food from local suppliers and rely on seasonal fruits and vegetables. In cosmetics, we also increasingly rely on natural products without paraffin and SLS. A similar situation can be observed in the case of purchase decisions related to clothing. Here the most frequently chosen material is organic cotton. If you like to set the mood in the living room and bedroom, and the fate of the planet and the state of the environment is not indifferent to you, it is worth taking an interest in natural candles

Which candles are natural?

Many people wonder which candles are natural and how to recognize them. Natural scented candles are products that are made from natural plant waxes. Palm wax and soy wax are among the most commonly used raw materials for this kind of products. Candles made of natural coconut wax are becoming increasingly popular

It is also good practice for manufacturers to use blends of natural plant waxes because of their good burning characteristics. Natural candles also sometimes include products made from beeswax. However, this is an animal product, so it will not be a good gift idea for vegans and vegetarians. Candles made from renewable resources are also very popular among natural candle users. This is why paraffin wax candles do not belong to the category of environmentally friendly candles because it is a petroleum-derived waste.

How can a natural candle be recognised?

Interest in natural scented candles should lead us straight to a professional and specialized place, where an appropriate person will help us choose the right product. When shopping online, be sure to pay attention to the product description. We are able to recognize on our own if specific candles are fully natural. Currently there are several labels used, which make it much easier to find the necessary information about the composition

Moreover, we can get to know many characteristic parameters and properties for particular raw materials. For example, coconut wax during high temperature (above 25 degrees), begins a slow dissolution. With the naked eye we can see drops of liquid wax on its surface. In the case of palm wax candles, the raw material takes on a crystal structure during melting. Pure vegetable waxes are soft and therefore behave better in glass jars

How do natural candles burn?

Natural scented candles boast excellent burning characteristics. The use of natural vegetable waxes leads to them burning with a yellow, warm flame. Natural wax dissolves more slowly than paraffin wax. This results in a longer burning time per candle. Natural products do not smoke and are environmentally friendly. Currently, and certainly of interest to vegans and vegetarians, intensive research is being conducted into the possibility of using canola wax to produce nature-safe scented candles

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