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White, with sugar, and sometimes with delicious additions such as whipped cream, caramel, or aromatic spices. This is how many people like to drink their coffee. But what if you set aside all those additives? Find out what you get out of drinking black coffee.

Black coffee – a guaranteed taste sensation

Black coffee allows you to enjoy the natural taste and aroma of coffee. Arabica alone has up to 120 varieties and each one is slightly different. By leaving out additives such as creamer, sugar, coffee syrups, spices or alcohol and chocolate, you give your palate the chance to taste the different flavours in different coffees. Some are more pronounced and have chocolate or nutty flavors, others are a bit more delicate and have hints of caramel or honey, and still others are more fruity with citrus or berry flavors. All these flavor notes are only perceptible when drinking black coffee. As you can see, coffee has a huge variety of flavors, which is why it’s sometimes a good idea to drink it without any additives. If you want your coffee beans to be of high quality, you can choose coffee recommended by baristas for your home. If you are a huge fan of coffee and drink it in large quantities, then a great option would be a coffee set

“Little black” for health

In addition to the undeniable taste and pleasure of enjoying the aroma of coffee brew, black coffee also has other benefits. It has extremely beneficial effects on health. First of all, it has a beneficial effect on circulation – it increases the flow of blood in blood vessels, thanks to which properly oxygenated cells are more efficient, and this improves the overall condition of the body. Black coffee also reduces the risk of breast, colon, prostate and liver cancer. In addition, it contains a lot of antioxidants, which effectively destroy free radicals, and thus slow down the aging process. Substances contained in coffee also reduce the risk of depression and reduce stress levels. Coffee increases the level of serotonin and dopamine, hormones responsible for a good mood. It is worth mentioning that coffee is also a natural aphrodisiac, effectively stimulating the body and brain and allowing to achieve greater pleasure from sex.

An ally in weight loss

Black coffee is also an effective weapon in the fight for your dream figure. Black coffee itself is low in calories (only 2 kcal per 100 g). What is calorific are the additives. Adding two teaspoons of sugar and cream to coffee increases its calorific value to 200 kcal. In addition, caffeine’s natural properties help burn fat, speed up metabolism and stimulate the body. Caffeine also gives you more energy for physical activity, and by opting for black coffee, you will recover more easily after a workout. This is because it reduces the pain of soreness.

Natural stimulation

The main purpose of coffee is to stimulate the body and mind. But did you know that black coffee stimulates better than coffee with added cream and sugar or other sweet substances? This is not because of the amount of caffeine, which remains the same whether you enrich your coffee with something or not, but because of its absorption. This is because milk significantly impairs the absorption of caffeine in the digestive system. And sugar and other sweet additives, which provide a strong boost of energy, ultimately weaken the body and cause an energy crash just minutes after drinking coffee

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