We shop without plastic in supermarkets

We shop without plastic in supermarkets
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Plastic surrounds us from all sides and overwhelms us with its presence. It is difficult these days to do ordinary, everyday shopping without plastic, let alone to live without it.

However, it turns out that nothing is difficult for the willing. We may not be able to eliminate it 100% from our lives, but we can significantly reduce its amount. The first step may be to shop without plastic. How to do this, and should we therefore have some special gadgets that will make it easier for us? 

Just start 

Often there is a belief somewhere in us that our small efforts that we start to reduce our plastic consumption do nothing, because what is one straw or one commercial in the scale of the world? Nothing. 

And that’s a mistake!

If everyone starts the process of removing plastic from their lives in small steps and infects others to do the same, we will have a real chance for change. Every choice, even a seemingly insignificant one, is important and can change the world, so if you’ve been wondering until now whether it’s worth it, just start with small steps and you’ll see for yourself how much satisfaction it will bring you.

Where do we find plastic in the supermarket? 

It is safe to say that everywhere. Manufacturers are eager to use plastic packaging, as it is much cheaper than more eco-friendly forms and requires less commitment. And thanks to this, we can buy almost everything in plastic: cheese, yogurt, condiments, cleaning products, baked goods, and even fruits and vegetables! Everything is packed in plastic bags, bottles or commercials.

How to shop in a supermarket without plastic? 

We won’t hide the fact that shopping without plastic is not easy and requires no preparation. Especially when we go shopping at the supermarket, we need to take with us a few things to reduce plastic, and these are, first of all:

  • your own shopping bags – they can be canvas or reusable. I’m sure you have a few of them at home, just take them with you, and you won’t have to take another one at the checkout;
  • bags for vegetables, rolls or and other products bought in bulk or by the piece; 
  • reusable containers – they can be made of glass or sturdier and reusable plastic, and glass jars will also work well for some products. You will be able to pack sausage, cheese or meat into them, as well as other products available by weight.

When you’re buying fruits or vegetables, but you don’t have your pouch yet or you forgot it from home, a better option would be not to pack each type in a separate commercial bag. You might as well put them in bulk in a shopping cart, and then pack them into one large shopping bag. 

When choosing products such as rice, pasta, groats, oatmeal or flour, for example, we can often opt for paper packaging, a far better option for the environment.

Supermarkets usually offer a large selection of products, while the manufacturers themselves are slowly noticing that there are more and more people who want to reduce plastic, so they also offer some of their products packaged in biodegradable packaging or more environmentally friendly ones, such as glass. And so, especially in large discount stores, we can certainly buy milk, yogurts, juices, sauces or oils in glass. 

main photo: pixabay.com/Alexas_Fotos

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