How to ensure harmony at home?

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How to ensure harmony at home?
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Home should be our oasis of peace. A place where problems from school or work can’t enter. If our home is a mess and we don’t feel good in it, we are more prone to stress. We feel all our problems, fatigue and bad moods more at home, which exacerbates conflicts between household members.

Harmony at home and its benefits

Why is harmony at home so important? Because it has a number of advantages. Our home should be a place where we relax, not feel bad all the time. The culprits for this can be many. Badly arranged furniture, cluttered shelves or non-ergonomic solutions. Harmony at home brings solace, a sense of peace and relaxation. In such a space it is easier for us to relax, but not only. Italso promotes productivity, especially when you work from home. If you want to have a head full of ideas, it is worth taking care of harmony in your four walls. Many of the principles presented below are borrowed from the art of space planning called feng shui

Take care of the functionality of your home

Home, to be friendly to its inhabitants, must also be functional. First of all, it should make life easier for its occupants. This principle has a lot to do with one of the main rules of feng shui. However it is worth remembering that feng shui is all about balance and free flow of energy, which is supposed to guarantee peace of mind. In a functional home everything you need should be close at hand. It is recommended that every household member knows where everything is located. If there are some minor faults that annoy, they should be fixed. Then the home will become more ergonomic. Additionally, feng shui recommends having lockable shelves. They give a sense of order and tidiness

Be inspired by minimalists

A cluttered space, a closet where you cannot find anything, a shelf full of documents from which papers are spilling out is definitely a bad sign and a result of excess. More often than not, our nervousness is caused by the lack of order because it is so hard to maintain. Throw away all the things that are left “for later”, go through your closet and remove things that are too small or too big, stretched and washed. If you know you will never wear them again, there is no point in keeping them in your closet. Also, remember to get rid of unnecessary furniture from your rooms. Make sure that every item that comes into your home is well thought out and really necessary.

Air your home often

Smells have more influence on our well-being than we think. Make sure that your home smells good. It doesn’t have to be perfumes or expensive atomizers. Just ventilate the kitchen after cooking, don’t let unpleasant smells spread around the house and use aromatic candles or essential oils. The smell of the house should be your favorite, so it is worth taking care of it

Symmetry and balanced color composition

Achieving harmony in the house is facilitated by symmetry, which applies even to the smallest accessories. We are talking about equal arrangement of pillows, tables by the bed or chairs at the table. Let’s make sure that there is an equal number of elements on each side. This solution definitely simplifies life and brings order to the home oasis. Moreover, it gives a sense of control, which is inextricably linked with peace of mind

Extremely important at home is the composition of colors. Soothing properties are identified with bright and warm colors, but equally relaxing for a person are different shades of pastels. The most recommended and universal combination is white with elements of wood – it optically enlarges the room, bringing harmony to it, in turn the wood is an element of nature. Colors such as beige, shades of green or brown also have a soothing effect

Cohesive accessories and additions

In order to maintain harmony, it is recommended to choose accessories according to the interior design. Any other elements without sentimental value are simply undesirable. Relaxation is promoted by space, atmospheric and bright lighting and fresh flowers. Some people believe that the smell of incense also has a relaxing effect

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