4 major time organization mistakes

4 major time organization mistakes
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Do you have problems with organizing your time? Or maybe you work from home and find it hard to adjust to your responsibilities? We check what are the main mistakes in proper organization of time.

Good plan is not everything

If you think that writing down your tasks on a piece of paper is all you can do in terms of time organization, unfortunately we have bad news – it’s not enough. Whether it’s work stuff or maybe planning a family event, it’s important to clearly set goals. Also, think about what the deadline is for the task and whether you can break it down into steps.

Among the common mistakes in time planning is inadequate organization relative to the hour or day, as well as lack of knowledge of all the activities. You also rarely set priorities – and this is very important.

Too many distractions

Clutter on the desk, in the documents, a dozen or so pieces of paper in a drawer – all this makes the workplace chaotic. If you want to get information, you have to perform many steps if you don’t know where exactly it is and, above all, where to look for it.

We also don’t have to mention that any phone calls, distractions or browsing social media are not conducive to organized work. If a break – then only at the designated time. Business matters should also take place in a designated space. Otherwise, you can quickly become distracted.

Your own weaknesses

Procrastination, putting things off, low motivation and lack of self-discipline are unfortunately time thieves. They also make organization much less effective. It’s worth taking a moment to think about what good qualities you have that will help you with your daily responsibilities. Also consider whether rushing is the result of overwork or perhaps the result of impatience and stress.

Too much work for one person

Not delegating responsibilities to someone else is a very common mistake, not only when it comes to work but also household responsibilities. There is always someone nearby who could help us. You just need to communicate clearly and… know how to manage tasks. For example: running a one-person business involves bookkeeping, marketing, work itself or controlling the budget. It makes sense to outsource some of these activities.

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