Closet accessories to make organizing easier

Closet accessories to make organizing easier
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Properly selected accessories for organizing clothes in the closet help in maintaining cleanliness. A well arranged wardrobe guarantees comfort of storing the clothes and easy access to them. What should we consider when choosing accessories for our closet? Read on to satisfy your curiosity!

Each of us happened to lose her favorite dress, because of disorder in the closet. The lack of separate places for other pieces of clothing can be problematic and results in general chaos. With properly chosen clothes organizers, you will not have this problem. You will see how easy life will become when you get into the habit of putting clothes in their place, with the help of containers designed for this purpose.

Segregating clothes

If you don’t have a large closet where you can use the space to arrange your clothes in a convenient way, you are in the situation of the vast majority of women

When you only have a small closet at your disposal, keeping order inside seems to be a difficult task. Especially when it comes to storing belts, purses, scarves and other accessories that you use every day in addition to your clothes. Start organizing by giving your entire closet a general makeover

Divide your clothes into categories: those to donate, those to put away for another season or those to throw away. Put away clothes that are too small, you can put winter sweaters in higher level cabinets, you don’t need to have them on hand in the summer. Part with torn shirts and jeans from your college days that you haven’t worn in a long time

When choosing shelves for your closet, opt for ones made of sturdy materials. If you have a choice, buy ones that are shallow and deep. This will allow you to place a large number of clothes on one shelf without worrying about it being too heavy. Long shelves that are more than a meter long can bend in their middle parts, which can look unattractive. Therefore, pay attention not to exceed these dimensions. A shallow shelf will definitely be more functional, as it will be much more practical to arrange clothes in plain sight than to hide them behind.

Essentials in sliding closets

Certainly in every closet there will be a rod, which provides you with comfortable access to your closet. It is used in door-opening and sliding closets. You can place it inside the furniture or on its wall. It’s ideal for storing ironed clothes on hangers in an upright position

If your closet is tall, you can afford the option with two levels of metal tub ing to give you the extra space you need to store your suits or dresses. As with the length of the shelves, the tube used to organize your closet should not measure more than a meter, as the amount of clothes can distort it in the middle

You can also place purses, scarves or belts on the rod so that all the accessories are at hand. The market also offers you cross bars, which are great for narrow closets. This option will help you keep your shirts or jackets hanging neatly on the hanger.

Organized drawers

One of the more interesting options is to include a drawer with custom compartments. This is a novelty that provides a separate place for underwear, jewelry or ties. By putting away items of clothing in a drawer with a special purpose, you will have no problem finding things

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An equally helpful solution is the use of special baskets, which are characterized by a large capacity. Ideal for placing towels, bedding or blankets. Get baskets with holes; by letting air in, they will keep your already dry laundry fresh for a long time. You can buy special scented air fresheners and place them in your closet. They will be a suitable alternative and prolong the beautiful smell of your entire closet.

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