Vege cooking blogs – which ones are worth visiting?

Vege cooking blogs – which ones are worth visiting?
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Vegetarian and vegan diets are gaining more and more followers. Consumers are more aware and want to make smart choices. Unfortunately, many people starting their adventure with a plant-based diet have no idea how to go about it. With help come interesting vegan cooking blogs that disenchant the myth of boring fruits and vegetables

There are many ways to eat a meatless diet. It doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous. This is shown by authors and authors of vege cooking blogs. Many celebrities and notable people around the world have given up eating meat. The reason is the awareness and knowledge that eating large amounts of meat is bad for your health. If you want to know how to create meatless dishes, you should take a look at the best vege blogs


Marta Dymek says in her book that vegetarian cuisine is an endless mine of delicacies. Baked squash in tomato sauce or cream of parsley with gorgonzola are just some of the true culinary masterpieces that Marta creates. After reading her blog everyone will convert to vegetarianism, even the biggest carnivore!


Cheap, tasty and fast, this is how Beata cooks and with her cooking she shows how little is needed to make the world a better place for all of us. In addition to tasty and surprising recipes, the dishes that the author serves are also zero waste. The portfolio includes, for example, chocolate cake made from stale bread. The recipes are based primarily on products that are widely available and simple to make


Magda has been running her vege blog for almost eleven years. She focuses on original recipes that disenchant the image of boring vegetables and tasteless vegan products. On the blog, apart from tasty ideas for dinners or breakfasts, there are also appetizing recipes for sweets, which are particularly popular

The Vegan Nerd

The recipes that Wegan Nerd offers are fully meat-free, yet devoid of any zoonotic products. The blog features sweets, soups, main dishes, and snacks, as well as all sorts of tips that make cooking vegan dishes easy. The recipes are original, innovative, and the author herself encourages readers to experiment in the kitchen.

What Are You Actually Eating?

Probably every person who has decided to announce in company that they are vegan has heard this question. The author of the blog with this provocative name has too. That’s why she decided to create a space on the Internet that clearly answers this question. And so on the blog What Are You Actually Eating? – blog you will find unusual recipes for snacks, sweets, main dishes and soups that prove that a vegan diet is more than just green salad and water

Agatha’s cooking

Radiator soup, vegetable broth, various casseroles and lentil paste are just some of Agata’s vegetarian recipes. At the same time on the blog we can find interesting posts about traveling or home related topics. Agata also has her own show on one of the main TV stations, the Breakfast TV.


Whether you’re on a plant-based diet, you can eat all of these things and more, including potato pancakes and burgers. The recipes on erVegan prove that a plant-based diet is no different from a meat-free diet, and that meat and dairy are not necessary for a tasty cuisine. The author of the blog is Erik, who is a dietician by training and a plant-based diet promoter

Why should you switch to a plant-based diet?

The arguments for switching to a plant-based diet are many. One of them, although probably not as important as the others, are the tasty recipes that can be found on the blogs mentioned above. In addition, a vegan diet is:

  • environmentally friendly; as you are not contributing to animal suffering,
  • healthy; most plants provide the same or even more nutrients than animal products,
  • simple and inexpensive,
  • varied and interesting,
  • quick and convenient.

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