Advantages of building your own septic tank

Advantages of building your own septic tank
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There are many reasons for building a domestic septic tank. The necessity of installing domestic sanitary installation may result for example from the lack of connection of the plot to the municipal sewage system. In this situation a dilemma arises: septic tank or household sewage treatment plant? Is it even worth building a house on such a plot? Find out what are the advantages of building a domestic septic tank

If only you have the conditions for it, and they are not difficult to find on a large plot of land, you can discharge sewage from your house through pipes to a private septic tank or household sewage treatment plant. As long as this decision is not dictated by building conditions or the type of permit you received at the beginning of construction, the choice between these two options is up to you. It is worth knowing what the advantages and disadvantages of these options are in order to make an informed and thoughtful decision

Ability to build a house on a lot without a sewer connection

If you care about a specific location for the house you are building or you already own a plot of land that is not connected to the central city sewer system, building a domestic septic tank or treatment plant is a must. By building a septic tank, you can build a house on any plot of land where you get permission to do so. Domestic septic tank makes you independent from many aspects and gives you freedom in choosing the location of the plot, its condition and already existing elements. Of course, the construction of both a domestic sewage treatment plant and a septic tank requires a permit, which depends on several issues, such as the plot size and the distance of the planned septic tank from fields and farmland. However, these are issues where you can easily take steps to solve the problem. Also, the type of septic tank you want to choose is not insignificant. If you opt for durable concrete septic tanks from, it will certainly be easier for you to get planning permission than it would be for the much more failure-prone and less durable plastic septic tanks

Control over water consumption

A domestic septic tank has a specific capacity, which means that you cannot pour hundreds of liters of water into it with impunity while taking a long shower or washing dishes with the tap turned off. A septic tank, for which you have to pay for disposal every time, forces you to save water, which is a great advantage. Not only will you save money on bills and waste disposal, but you will also be doing your bit for the planet. You have to control the average water consumption in your home so that the septic tank doesn’t overflow or have to be emptied ahead of time, so you don’t waste water and you use it much more consciously. With the climate catastrophe and global drought that has been hanging over the Earth for the past few years, this is a very big advantage of having your own backyard septic tank.

Septic tank versus domestic sewage treatment plant

Domestic septic tank has one feature that determines its advantage over the competition, namely – the price of construction and installation. The cost of construction of domestic sewage treatment plant is several, even up to several thousand PLN, while for construction of septic tank you will pay the amount of less than five thousand PLN. This is a huge difference, especially when you consider the huge overall costs associated with building a house. Every zloty saved is then of great importance, so it is worth taking into account also the price of building a septic tank and compare the costs of your options

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