Small touches to liven up a minimalist interior

Small touches to liven up a minimalist interior
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Minimalist style constantly reigns in many apartments, it is often found in various rooms. See how to make them more expressive and characteristic. We suggest what accessories are worth choosing

Scandinavian accessories

Scandinavian style accessories can be found in many stores and on many websites. They match the minimalist style and give an interesting character and cosiness. Examples of accessories are decorative pillows, scented candles, woven baskets, or plant covers. There are also wooden trays, glass or metal vases, and lampshades. On the walls, you can hang different frames with photos or artwork. There are lots of options. Carpets and rugs made from natural fabrics also play an important role in this style. All these accents are small, but they can change any room. These accessories go well with pale walls and soft, classic furniture

These types of accessories are not only suitable for your room or living room. You can also use them in your bathroom. Sometimes, when they are minimalistic, they need a bit of variety. It is worth introducing accessories made of natural materials, such as wood or stone. Then they will emphasize their simple and thoughtful character. For example, you can use wall-hung mirrors or interesting bathroom accessories like soap dispensers. You can also use frames that have graphics with a floral motif. An element that is worth using are mosaics for the bathroom. They will make the room not seem too calm and boring. An interesting option is to place them only on one wall

Such accessories you can also use outside, for example, on the balcony, or in another place to relax. In this way, you will create a pleasant atmosphere that will promote good rest. If you have an outdoor swimming area, it’s a good idea to spruce it up a bit. A pool mosaic can come in handy. Scandinavian style garden is characterized by simplicity and functionality. It is worth adding small accents, which will enliven its modest face

Original ceramics

A variety of ceramics has recently come back to favor and is a decorative element of many Polish homes. Plates, bowls, mugs or vases may serve as examples. Courses, which teach how to make such objects on your own, have become popular. This is also a great option, because then, they will be unique. Ceramics can be a perfect addition both to the dining room and to the kitchen. It perfectly decorates the table and creates a unique character. In a minimalist room, it can be the main decorative element. Currently it is available in various patterns and colors. It also has unobvious shapes, often asymmetrical

You can match ceramics to virtually any interior, including those in a minimalist and modern style. It will look good on the kitchen countertop or placed on the cabinet. The atmosphere is perfectly complemented by mosaics for the kitchen, which also contain elements of interesting design. They also come in a minimalist style, for example in white colors. However, they have a diverse texture, which will affect the gentle liveliness of the room

Such ceramics are worth buying from small companies to support local manufacturers. Sometimes they are also made by individuals. You can order from them a specific design, which will be the one of your dreams. Do not be afraid to experiment because ceramic products have really many possibilities. A noteworthy option is to buy art pottery that looks like small works of art.

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