Earthy colors in interiors – focus on harmony and nature

Earthy colors in interiors – focus on harmony and nature
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A sense of comfort, harmony and natural look of the arrangement – this is what you will gain by choosing earth tones. Paints in these shades have recently become very fashionable in Polish interiors. See how to combine earth tones and where they can be used.

Earth tones – palette

Earth color palette delights with its simplicity, harmony and aesthetics. Deciding on such shades, you gain peace in the room. At the same time, there is visual order and order in it. Earth colors are nothing but natural shades, which are associated with grasses, rocks and meadows. In fact, we come into contact with them every time we go for a walk in a park, forest or country road.

Which earth tones are worth paying attention to? These are:

  • shades of green, such as khaki, olive, mint,
  • greys and beiges,
  • browns,
  • yellows and oranges, e.g. muted reds, golds.

An example of thisis the earthy color palette, which includes light green, muted beige and gray. These types of shades work well in virtually any interior, they look great with wooden furniture and timeless white.

Mutedbeiges, which often also have shades of pink, are also very popular. They provide calm and visual order. In addition, you can be sure that beiges and browns are timeless. They are unlikely to go out of fashion, and every household member feels very good in such an interior.

It is also worth betting on muted earth colors together with a contrasting shade, which you will use in accessories and decorations. For example, brown and green is a good combination. So is bright yellow with gray.

Earthy colors are a common choice for Scandinavian, rustic, colonial and minimalist interiors. It is easy to match them with furniture and decorations.

Earthy colors in the living room and bedroom

Find a color that will be the basis for further interior design. An example here is beige, which is timeless. It looks beautiful with white, gray, and even more contrasting shades, such as rusty orange. Such earthy colors in the living room look warm and cozy. However, it is advisable to choose colors in one tone, so if you decide on warm beige, do not use cool colors.

You can also combine beige in such a way as to create a bright living room in earthy colors, which perfectly reflects the boho or rustic style.

If you want to go for greens such as bottle or olive, they go well with light gray and mustard shades. These types of earthy colors in the living room will soothe and relax you.

Another inspiration is an earthy-colored bedroom with muted pinks, beiges, whites and chestnuts. They present themselves aesthetically and create a cozy aura. In such atmosphere it’s so nice to fall asleep!

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