How does the air quality in your home affect your mood?

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How does the air quality in your home affect your mood?
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Fatigue, depression and depressive states are phenomena the cause of which is difficult to determine. Meanwhile, it can be very simple, although not obvious, because of the quality of the air we breathe. Is the air quality really that important for health?

More and more often we hear about holistic approach to life. Not only physical health is taken into account, but also mental health . There is no longer any doubt that these two aspects of our bodies are equally important and dependent on each other. If physical health declines, so does mental health; it works the same way in the other direction. Many factors influence a person’s overall concept of health. Often these are things we wouldn’t have thought of in the first place, or would never even have come up with that could have any effect on our bodies and quality of daily life. One such factor is precisely the quality of the air we breathe every day

Air quality and well-being

There is a lot of talk about how air quality affects health. Authorities monitor pollution levels and the amount of smog hovering over cities. People are warned about high pollution. However, all of this applies to “outside” air. And yet at home, where we spend most of our time after all, we also breathe in and exhale indoor air. What we breathe in during sleep is particularly important. This is the time when the body needs to regenerate.

The impact of indoor air quality on well-being was studied by researchers from the University of Washington on a group of 6,000 people. The result clearly indicated that the greater the air pollution in the home with PM 2.5, the worse the mood declared by the respondents . Among the problems reported were mainly depressive states, feelings of sadness and general hopelessness. As the air quality increased, the negative symptoms in the respondents decreased. Of course, few people would associate mental ill health with the physical phenomenon of breathing in and out air. Especially since this is an activity that we perform unconsciously most of the time.

In addition to the psychological well-being, physical problems can also be added to the pool of negative effects of poor indoor air quality. These includeaggravation of allergy symptoms, dry throat, conjunctival irritation, migraines and fatigue. Highly polluted air can also dry out the skin and make it look worse. Additionally, people look tired despite getting enough rest. Therefore, if the above symptoms seem familiar but the cause is unknown to us, it is worth considering whether it is the air quality in our home.

How do I test and improve the air quality in my home?

Air quality is tested by air sensors. These are specially designed devices that tell you when pollution is above normal. On the market, there are sensors that only measure air quality and sensors that additionally clean, ionize and humidify the air. Such devices are available both online and in stationary stores. There are ionizers and air purifiers available on the market with various performance and technological advancement. However, if you do not want to buy such a device, you can use a home-made method to purify the air. This way is to grow potted flowers indoors.

All plants have the ability to purify the air. This feature is very valuable and extremely useful for people. Keeping potted plants at home has not only aesthetic benefits as far as interior design is concerned, but also practical ones

Among houseplants, we can distinguish such species, which are particularly recommended for air purification. These include horsetail, sansewieria, fern, fringed dracaena, and raspberry. If we have such specimens at home, let’s take special care, because they please the eye and at the same time take care of our health.

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