DIY dishwasher powder recipe – ditch the chemicals!

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DIY dishwasher powder recipe – ditch the chemicals!
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The number of proponents of ecological cleaning products is constantly growing. The argument is environmentally friendly, safe for health and quite economical. Many of them can be easily made by oneself at home and the dishwasher powder is one such product.

There are many arguments in favor of not using conventional dishwasher detergents. First of all, conventional cleaning products are very harmful to the environment and can be unhealthy for people. When you use such products and flush them down the drain, you are contributing to the pollution of the earth. It is all due to the ingredients that are used to produce powders or dishwasher tablets. Manufacturers of such products do not necessarily prioritize environmental protection, so it is good to be aware of the origin and effects of various detergent ingredients.

Dishwasher powder – what does it contain?

It is worth mentioning a few ingredients in traditional dishwasher tablets that stand out as particularly hazardous to the environment. The first of these are phosphates. These can be found in chemicals and food products. They are responsible for lowering oxygen levels in the water, thus contributing to the death of many aquatic organisms. They are used as antioxidants, emulsifiers, acidity regulators and stabilizers. When consumed in meals, they have a very destructive effect on the body.

Another chemical component worthy of attention is chlorine. It is a strongly poisonous element, irritates the respiratory system and mucous membranes. It is used mainly as a bleach and oxidizer. A similarly poisonous compound is ammonia. Used in cleaning products, it irritates the respiratory system, and in large doses can even cause death. To the pool of components harmful to health we must add formaldehydes. They are classified as possibly carcinogenic. They cause in people various types of allergies, tightness in the chest, burning of the respiratory system.

It is also said that the use of strong dishwashing chemicals gradually sterilizes the body. After using a tablet in the dishwasher, although all the detergents are rinsed away by the water, a small amount can always remain on the dishes. Therefore, if we eat from such dishes, together with the food we also eat minimal amounts of highly poisonous substances. In this way we lose our immunity very slowly and unnoticeably. These arguments are the reason for many people to give up traditional dishwasher tablets and switch to ecological, safe for health substitutes.

DIY dishwasher powder – how to make it?

Making your own dishwasher powder is very simple and quick. It takes max. it takes max. 2 minutes and the ingredients are easily available in online stores. They are bought in large packages and last for a very long time. DIY dishwasher powder is made of ecological and safe substances. This saves energy, money, environment and most importantly your own health

To make dishwasher powder we need:

  • 1 cup of borax,
  • 0,5 glass of salt,
  • 1 glass of soda ash,
  • 0.5 cup of citric acid,
  • 10 – 15 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional).

Mix all the ingredients to remove any lumps. At the end, you can add essential oil. Such a powder is stored in a tightly closed container without contact with sunlight. For one wash, use about 1-2 tablespoons, which are scattered around the bottom of the dishwasher. Additionally, it is good to remember to pour salt into a designated container if you have hard water. This will prolong the life of the dishwasher and reduce the formation of streaks. Vinegar can be used as an ecological rinse aid. It is also poured into the appropriate compartment.

Such a powder is a guarantee of clean and fresh dishes. It works in the same way as traditional dishwasher tablets but in addition it is ecological and health friendly. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the fact that it is gaining popularity and the number of supporters is constantly growing. It is a very good option for people who want to live more consciously and in harmony with nature, without contributing to environmental pollution.

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