Organizing an event vs. zero waste – how to organize it?

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Organizing an event vs. zero waste – how to organize it?
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New Year’s Eve, birthdays, or other celebrations are reasons to get together. If you follow zero waste principles in your life, it’s no wonder you want to throw a party in this style. The trend can inspire others to change, so these types of parties are welcome. Here’s a brief look at how to host a zero waste party

The right menu

Before the party, check the contents of your refrigerator and the number of preparations you have. You may have more ingredients for dishes than you imagine. For such celebrations, meals are recommended to be planned and written down on a list. It is important that the ingredients for them are readily available, preferably sold in glass jars. This is more eco-friendly than buying products in plastic

When planning your list of dishes, write down the ingredients, where they are purchased, and how they will be served next to each item. This will make a zero waste party easier to manage. When shopping, choose local markets and stores. Places where you can use your own plastic boxes or reusable plastic bags. We recommend making snacks as simple as possible, such as chapstick and appetizers on re usable toothpicks

Serve drinks in glasses

Don’t buy plastic cups for the party. We know it’s a common way to serve drinks due to fear of losing tableware, but it’s also not eco-friendly

Coffee and tea, as well as cold drinks and alcohol, are recommended to be served in proper glasses.A zero waste party also means no drinks in plastic bottles. We recommend preparing your own. Homemade lemonade, tonic, or simple syrup mixed with water and mint will be much better than buying drinks, often heavily sweetened. This is a benefit not only for the planet, but also for ourselves. Remember also about those who like to drink through a straw – equip yourself with reusable ones before the party, so that later they end up in the dishwasher instead of the trash

Remember about reusable crockery

Are you making a barbecue? Great! Want to serve food without ruining your china? Go ahead. Then use reusable crockery that is designed just for such occasions. It is worth it to have such tableware at home. It may be cheaper because no guest should worry about breaking it. Remember about the invitees, they may have different attitudes towards zero waste and simply worry about broken dishes, lost cutlery or a tube. At the beginning of the celebration it is worth announcing that nothing will happen if something simply gets broken. These situations do happen

Decorate your home with natural decorations

When you want the party to have a visible zero waste character, we recommend decorating the whole house with natural decorations. We are talking about fresh and dried flowers, tree and bush branches, pinecones, rowan or rosehip fruits, and even confetti made from used paper. Decorations can also be prepared from leftover fabric – just cut out smaller pieces and sew them to a longer string. Then a beautiful garland will be created. Each of the mentioned decorations will emphasize the character of the party

Leftovers from the party

It is worth letting your friends know in what spirit your party is organized and ask them to bring reusable plastic containers for leftovers. Each guest should be able to take some snacks or dessert home. If they are not willing, it is recommended to pack them up and put them in the refrigerator. The snacks can be used for other dishes. Make sure that nothing goes to waste

Zero waste party – summary

Above we have gathered all the golden tips for a zero waste party. Remember to avoid plastic and disposable dishes. Keep away from beautiful, ecological decorations such as balloons, confetti and glitter. The same goes for fireworks and products packed in foil. Instead, you can use natural decorations and homemade preserves. Use soy candles to create an atmosphere

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