4 reasons to filter your water

4 reasons to filter your water
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Don’t like the taste of water straight from the tap? Then filtering it is a good solution. You can neutralize the smell and save a lot of money on buying bottles of water. What are the other benefits of filtering water? Check it out!

What is water filtration?

Tap water has to meet many requirements when it comes to its approval for use. There are no contraindications for drinking it and it does not have to be heated beforehand. Nevertheless, we rarely choose to drink it directly. If you don’t like the taste of tap water or if it has a strange smell, you will need a filter jug. They will allow you to clean the water of any impurities, as well as get rid of excess chlorine, copper and lead. It is worth remembering that water from a filter pitcher is not demineralized.

Filtering water involves placing it in special jugs, which contain a cartridge. It is best to choose a manufacturer that offers high-quality solutions. Although there are myths in society that filtered water does not have any health benefits for humans, this is not true. Cartridges do not retain all the minerals, but purify it, so that it has a better taste and smell. It is just worth remembering to change the filter regularly.

Take care of your health and save money

First of all, it is worth making it clear that water is essential for human life and for maintaining health. It has no unnecessary calories and is the basis of a healthy diet. Every day, every person should consume a minimum of 1.5 liters of fluids. However, this amount depends on the current weather and health condition. During hot weather, you need to drink much more water, and the same applies to people who have a cold, chronic illness or fever

The easiest way is to reach for a bottle of water, which costs a bit…. Plus, you have to take the time to buy it and bring it home, which can be inconvenient for some people. An alternative to this solution is filtered water straight from the jug. You have easy access to it, so you save money. You can also pour it into a bidon to take with you on a trip.

Better taste of prepared drinks and food

Filtered water has a much better taste than that straight from the tap. Thanks to this prepared coffee or tea will have a different aroma. You get rid of possible contaminants, heavy metals, scale sediment and chlorine

At the same time, you do not remove magnesium, which increases the taste of the prepared drink and has an impact on your health. Often, coffee machines include a special filter container to ensure that the coffee has an intense aroma and tastes great every morning.

You can also use filtered water for cooking, such as soups or meat with sauce.

Protecting the environment with filtered water

If, instead of filtered water, you decide to buy a bag of bottles that will last you a few days, you are not doing the environment any favours. After drinking your water, you are left with plastic, a label, a cap, and foil. This, unfortunately, is not good for the environment. Filtering your water is therefore environmentally friendly.

No limescale deposits

Do you often pour tap water straight into your kettle? Surely after some time you will notice limescale deposits, which you need to get rid of. This is time-consuming and requires a bit of commitment

However, filtered water reduces its hardness, so you won’t notice unpleasant deposits on your dishes. At the same time, it affects the taste of drinks and meals, as we mentioned earlier. Tea prepared with softer water brews better and does not have a bitter aftertaste.

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