DIY: Home Air Freshener

DIY: Home Air Freshener
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A beautiful fragrance in your home makes you feel relaxed and enveloped in a homely atmosphereHowever, store air fresheners often contain many harmful substances, which we want to avoid in our everyday life. Therefore, it is best to reach for natural solutions.

Weather doesn’t encourage us to ventilate, and smells from kitchen or bathroom don’t make you feel like spending time at home. However, the packaging of air fresheners recommended in the media warns about possible health risks and allergies. What to do when your home does not smell as you would like it to?

Lemon and orange peels

A proven and at the same time the cheapest home air freshener are peels of oranges or citrus fruit. We can put them in a preheated oven and then turn it off and open it. The citrus scent will bring the holidays to mind and relax everyone in the house. A great and simple solution is also to place the peels on the radiator in each room. The citrus scent can last for days. However, it is best to change the peels every two or three days

Elegant air freshener – do it yourself!

Diffusers with rattan sticks are very popular. However, they can reach really high prices in home décor stores. Meanwhile, you can make such elegant air freshener by yourself at home. All you need is a perfume bottle or other decorative bottle and rattan sticks. Put them into the bottle and then pour several drops of your favorite essential oil or mixture into it. Place the bottle close to a heat source, e.g. on a windowsill with a heater underneath. A pleasant scent will spread throughout the home. Additionally, choose oils with a relaxing effect such as lavender or sandalwood

Baking soda and essential oil

Another budget but natural and simple to make air freshener is one using essential oil and baking soda. The latter is a real queen in many homes, thanks to its wide application. To make a baking soda air freshener at home, prepare a container into which you pour baking soda, then soak it in your favorite essential oil and place it near a heat source. The scent will quickly fill the room and put you in a good mood. At the same time, baking soda absorbs unpleasant odors well. What is important, when the oil loses its scent and it evaporates, you do not have to throw the air freshener away. Just add some soda and a few drops of new oil

Homemade refreshing spray

It is also possible to create a homemade spray with which you can freshen the air in your home at any time. All you need is an atomizer bottle left over from another product, such as glass cleaner. However, you should wash it thoroughly beforehand. Pour a glass of water into the bottle, add a tablespoon of soda and several drops of essential oil. Mix thoroughly. Spray as desired. Such air freshener is perfect when you want to temporarily clean the air in a room or refresh it before your guests’ arrival

Colorful gel air freshener

To make a gelatin mass you need gelatin, alcohol and food coloring. The amount of mixture depends on how much gelatin you add. Boil water in a pot, add gelatin to the hot water and stir. Then take the pot off the gas and when the thick mass has cooled down a little, add two teaspoons of alcohol and the food colouring. Cool the mixture. Add several drops of essential oil to the warm gelatin. The mass can be poured into small jars or containers. It is worth to make several masses, in different colors, then such air freshener will become a real decoration of every fashionable room

Dried flowers and fruits

This form of decorating comes from France. The mixture of fruits and dried flowers not only smells beautiful, but also looks captivating. Above all, it is a very eco-friendly and natural alternative to store-bought air fresheners. At the same time, we extend the life of flowers and fruits that have seemingly lost their luster. Plants should be dried

It is worth using fragrant fruits like citrus, add to it cloves, cones, cinnamon, lavender. All this is dried in the oven, add essential oil, and then dried closed tightly for a month in a jar. After a month, a beautiful fragrance will come out of the opened jar

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