5 patents to help you be offline at home

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5 patents to help you be offline at home
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With the proliferation of smartphones, we are online almost all the time. Of course, this has many advantages; it keeps us up to date with information from around the world and allows us to respond to it almost instantly. Sometimes, however, the flood of news is overwhelming. What to do to be offline again?

We are connected to the web practically all the time and we get notifications on our smartphones about new emails or Facebook likes. We are constantly scrolling, commenting and replying to messages. More and more people are tired of living in a virtual world and are trying to put clear boundaries between the real world and the unreal world. Nowadays, we even have to plan our time spent without the internet. In this article, we will show you five ways to be offline at home.

How to do an internet detox?

Constant access to information or notifications makes us become overwhelmed by them. Browsing photos or online forums becomes less and less appealing and we see how much time we waste on it. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule yourself an offline day to start with, which will help you regain some peace and quiet. You will have time to focus on what is really important. Use this time for the pleasures you forgot about while scrolling on Instagram. Choose a suitable day when you don’t have any online meetings scheduled, such as Saturday or Sunday. Turn off notifications from all apps. However, if you want to check some information online, you won’t be inundated with a ton of notifications. Use a day without the internet to catch up and relax

What to do on an offline day?

To make sure your detox doesn’t turn out to be a failed experiment, plan the whole day in advance so you won’t be bored and won’t be reaching for your phone. Also, close all your unfinished business before the day is over so that your relaxation doesn’t turn into thinking about all the work you have to do. The day before, answer emails and do other things that might interrupt your offline day. That way, you’ll protect yourself from temptation

  1. Hide your phone

It’s best to hide your phone that day, literally. Put it in a drawer, closet, wherever you want, but make sure it’s not lying in plain sight

  1. Install an application that monitors the time spent in front of the screen

Such an application is for example Quality Time, which will allow you to monitor the exact time spent in front of the screen. We often browse social media without much of a purpose, but for simply killing time and usually beyond our means

  1. Go for a walk around the neighborhood

On a day without the internet to kill time go for a walk. Exploring the real world is much more enjoyable. Maybe something has changed in your neighborhood and you don’t even know it? Don’t take the weather as an obstacle, rain or snow will help oxygenate your brain, and there will probably be fewer walkers outside. Just adjust your outfit accordingly to the weather conditions. Tea tastes completely different after such a walk. Try it!

  1. Read a book and catch up on your reading

We recommend a good book to go with your tea. Surely you have one that has been waiting for the right moment to take it in your hands. After a dose of relaxation, catch up on your reading. Want to do some yoga or fitness training? Arrange photos in a photo album or sew a button on your favorite pants?

  1. Get together with loved ones

Organize a get-together with friends. Spending time with loved ones will take your mind off social media and your phone. We usually have little time for them. We look for contact between work and other responsibilities. This time will be different, let them be the most important thing that day. This is the perfect opportunity to talk in peace and have a laugh.

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