Easter in the spirit of less waste

Easter in the spirit of less waste
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Minimalism in Christmas preparations? Yes, it is possible. Choose an Easter in the spirit of less waste. Learn about the best solutions and make this holiday special!

Less waste – live consciously!

Are you worried about the ecological crisis, do you want to live more consciously but you do not feel ready for zero waste? You would like to be more eco-friendly but you don’t know where to start? Less waste is the answer to your dilemmas

It is a proposal for people who want to contribute to improving the environment and produce less plastic. Less waste means reducing consumerism, which is based, for example, on well-considered purchase decisions. People who are guided by less waste also avoid wasting food and try to make maximum use of the leftovers. Conscious living in the spirit of less waste is a step in the right direction. Is it possible to embrace it also during Christmas preparations? Of course. Easter in the spirit of less waste – see how it is done!

Grocery shopping with a head… and a list!

Before Christmas it is very easy to overdo with shopping. You know that feeling when you buy too much food and then throw it away? It’s a terrible situation and during holidays it’s not difficult to overbuy. You know that you want to prepare both this and that… And it accumulates so much that you won’t use all of it. And even if you use them and cook delicious dishes out of them, you would probably need a whole army to eat them. The result is easy to predict – you will throw away some of the food. Oh no, you can’t let that happen this year, it’s supposed to be less waste. Step one? Carefully plan the meals that will end up on your Easter table. Take into account the number of guests and don’t overdo it

Maybe you should try some new recipes? Experimenting in the kitchen is great and a way to explore new flavors. If you want to cut down on shopping, do a thorough search of your kitchen cupboards – you’re sure to have some food with a long shelf life that can be used in Easter dishes. Or serve your guests something different than traditional – why not? When you go shopping, make a list and remember to bring reusable shopping bags. The plastic bags you buy while shopping are not eco-friendly!

Less waste while cooking

Once you’ve done your shopping and started preparing your Easter dishes, remember about less waste in the kitchen as well. First of all, try to refrain from using cling film and paper towels, and get yourself some natural kitchen cleaners. Maybe shopping in the market before Easter is a good moment to take care of that too?

Plastic-free Easter Decorations

You really don’t need to buy plastic Easter decorations in supermarkets. Reducing your consumerism is good for you. You do not need another bunny to be happy – seriously! Decorate the table with fresh flowers and make egg painting a family activity. You will later remember the moments you spent together, and the effect will delight you. Simplicity, moderation – this is also the key to beautiful decorations. Your Easter table will look chic and in line with trends that clearly say less waste is cool.

Instead of presents from the bunny – spend time together

Are you sure that kids need more plastic toys that they will throw into the corner? Although the tradition of giving gifts from the rabbit is well known, it may be worth breaking it in favor of other customs

Spending time together in the garden, or maybe a post-Christmas evening with a board game in the family circle? From an early age, it is worthwhile to avoid teaching children consumerism. Thetime can be spent in a festive manner even without presents, although during Christmas it is easy to fall into the trap of unnecessary gifts. Especially since, let’s face it, it’s often just another doll or teddy bear. And what for? You can act more sensibly, have less, and actually gain much more.

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