How to store cosmetics safely?

How to store cosmetics safely?
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Has it ever occurred to you that storing cosmetics has a huge impact on their quality and subsequent performance? Do you know how to store your cosmetics safely? See what you need to know to avoid making mistakes!

Basic information

Each type of cosmetic has specific storage guidelines. They are usually given in the leaflet attached to the specific product or appear directly on the package. However, we often do not read this information, which is a huge mistake! As a result, their use may not bring the specific benefits and effects promised by the manufacturer.

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General rules for storage of cosmetics

Both too high and too low temperature of the room, in which we store cosmetics, can have a significant impact on their quality. Low temperature is recommended for storing various face creams or typical pharmacy preparations. Interestingly, it can cause spoilage of foundations or face concealers

High temperature, on the other hand, promotes the growth of bacteria that inhabit the products we use. This often contributes to skin infections and deprives cosmetics of their properties, such as resistance to harmful sun rays. Humidity in the room is also very important in the storage of cosmetics. The products most exposed to this factor are therefore those located in the bathroom. Bathing affects the deposition of water vapor on the walls, tiles and furniture. It is also a perfect environment for living and developing harmful microorganisms that parasitize our bodies

Taking care of the products themselves

Another important aspect that negatively affects many products distributed on the market is taking direct care of their cleanliness and precise sealing of the specifics used. It seems obvious and seemingly easy, but it often happens that we forget about it

Every day we also use many accessories for applying cosmetics, such as make-up sponges. We must not forget to wash them thoroughly and leave them clean after each use. If we take good care of them, they will certainly last longer

Expiration dates of cosmetics

Observing the expiration date is also a key issue that can help prevent unwanted interactions. Even if we have used a cosmetic once, we should always remember that it is not valid indefinitely despite the preservatives it contains. Using products after their possible use-by date can have many negative health consequences such as inflammation or allergies. So once in a while it’s worth sorting out the specifics into those that still have a long shelf life and those that are about to expire.

Is the refrigerator a good place to store cosmetics?

The answer to this question is yes, but only for some products. An example is sunscreen, which we use most intensively in the summer. Thanks to this it does not lose its properties

A refrigeratoris also a good place for waterproof mascaras, which are exposed to drying out, as a result of which they lose their usefulness and disfigure even the most esthetic makeup, crumbling on the eyelids. By storing nail polishes in the refrigerator, we extend their shelf life, as they lose their liquidity over time at room temperature

Keeping some of the cosmetics at such low temperatures positively affects their quality. However, before a sudden change in temperature of their surroundings, make sure that they are fully adapted to such conditions. Each cosmetic has its own specific and original composition. However, not all of us are able to draw conclusions based on them, which is why manufacturers of a given line always include instructions on their use, storage and expiration date.

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