Jak ograniczyć kupowanie kosmetyków? 5 ważnych zasad!
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Cosmetics are an essential product for many people. The highly developed market tempts with new products with beautiful, colorful labels and encouraging compositions. How not to get carried away with cosmetics shopping? Here are 5 useful rules.

Uncontrolled shopping is one of the biggest temptations, which is very difficult to resist. We often buy new cosmetics to improve our mood, although we do not necessarily need them. Of course, in the store, the product seems extremely necessary and we promise that it will be used. However, at home, it turns out that we put it on a shelf with several similar products, so that it waits for its turn, which never comes. This way we waste money and create unnecessary waste. How to deal with excessive buying of cosmetics?

Walking through drugstores

We are in the mall, we are just passing by the drugstore and we don’t seem to have anything specific to buy, but we stop to see “what’s in the grass”. We come in just to look and before we know it, we leave with a full bag of purchases

Drugstore displays are designed to attract the eye and encourage the purchase. At such moments, it seems that everything is necessary and indispensable for us to live, although in fact it is not. To avoid compulsive buying, it is best to come to the drugstore only for a specific purpose, for specific products. This way, we will avoid distractions and spend the planned amount of money.

Browsing beauty store websites

This case works the same way as walking through drugstores, only it is done in a virtual store. Cosmetics are beautifully photographed and described in detail. In addition, they are recommended by influencers, how not to buy them? At such moments, you need to think about whether you really need a particular product

In the case of online drugstores, it is best to choose the same tactics as in stationary shopping – to enter only for what we need. While relaxing while browsing cosmetic novelties may seem enjoyable, it definitely does not lead to a reduction in buying cosmetics.

Making lists

Anyone might be surprised at how many cosmetics they have if they gathered them all into one pile and tally them up. We may not know their actual number because we keep some in the bathroom, some buried in drawers and purses, others in the dressing table. Therefore, it is a very good idea to make a list of all the drugstore products we own, those in use and those waiting to be tested

It is necessary to make a numbered list. In this way, you can easily realize if you have a problem with excessive purchases of cosmetics. Especially if the list includes items that have never been opened but were bought some time ago. This method effectively motivates to limit reaching for new products.

Writing down products “to buy”

Another idea for creating a list, but this time of products that we do not yet own, but would like to purchase. If a product interests us and we already want to put it in our shopping cart, at this point we save it and postpone the purchase until a few days later

In this way, we have time to think and verify if we really need it and if we really care about having it, and it was not just an impulse. Many online stores have a special “favourites” tab where you can add products that you are planning to buy. We can return to it at any time and finally decide whether we will make a purchase.

Motivation to save

One of the main motivations to limit buying cosmetics is to save money. It is no secret that cosmetics can consume a considerable amount of money. In this case, it is best to set a goal for which we will put aside the money saved on cosmetics

Have you been dreaming about something for a long time but have always been short of funds? This is a great time to start a piggy bank. We wanted to buy a product, but we gave up? We put the amount we would have spent on it into the moneybox. This method exercises strong will and also gives us a good idea of how much we really spend on cosmetics every month.

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