Sauna at home – is it expensive and why should you have one?

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Sauna at home – is it expensive and why should you have one?
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Recently, we have seen an increased awareness of the importance of rest and regeneration in everyday life. More and more people are using services such as massages or saunas, which are becoming more and more popular. Systematic frequenters are undoubtedly worried about the high prices. So why not consider investing in a home sauna?

Sauna – is it worth it?

Sauna is a special room, in which the human body is subjected to the influence of high temperatures. Already in ancient Rome discovered the many benefits of this type of body heating. In addition to the relaxation of tense muscles and post-workout regeneration, sauning also increases the number of red blood cells, increased release of endorphins or improve efficiency. Indications for stay in the sauna area is a lot. Few people know that these are, for example, infections of the excretory system, or some of the skin changes. Before entering the bath, however, should also be familiar with the contraindications and rules for the safe and effective use of this form of regeneration

Types of saunas

Types of saunas, contrary to appearances, there are several. Each of them differs slightly from each other in action, parameters and effects. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the most popular varieties, to know what to expect

The most popular is the dry sauna, more often called the Finnish, which is characterized by low air humidity of about 10% and a very high temperature of up to 100°C. The heat is generated by the furnace and heated stones.

However, a very large number of users choose a wet sauna, which is popular because of the higher humidity, so breathing is more free, which promotes longer sauntering. If we use additional herbal oils, it will have a soothing effect on our respiratory tract

Another form of sauning provides a steam bath. In this type of sauna hot steam is supplied through channels, which creates conditions of almost one hundred percent humidity. Thanks to this, very high temperature is unnecessary, usually 50-60°C is enough.

Slightly less common is the infrared sauna. You will not find in it a classic stove with stones. Instead, it uses IR radiation of reduced energy and penetration rate, produced by special radiators. Exposure of the whole body in this type of cabin brings many health benefits.

Costs of home saunas

You can easily use the sauna once a week. For many, however, the problem is financial, because sessions in well-equipped saunariums can cost a lot. A little cheaper is certainly in the complexes of swimming pools and aquaparks, but there the conditions for good sauning are worse, because of the large number of people moving around and bustle coming from the pools. So would it be a good solution to have a sauna at home?

If you plan to use this form of recreation often, then such an investment seems to be the most reasonable. It is difficult to say how much a sauna may cost. Everything depends on the quality of the materials used and, of course, the surface area. On average, prices of complete saunas range from 5 to 15 thousand zlotys. If you are short of funds, you can help yourself with a loan without a commission:

Operation of a sauna, contrary to appearances, does not cost much. For example, the infrared variety, is in the settlement of annual costs of 200-250 zł. However, in the case of a sauna with a stove, with regular use, bills for electricity will be higher by only about a dozen zł. Assistance in financing can be provided by the website:

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