Christmas decorations and ornaments

Christmas decorations and ornaments
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Christmas is getting closer! December is the time of gingerbread baking and family evenings under a blanket with a cup of ginger tea. It’s also the perfect time to create a festive mood, and that won’t happen without Christmas decorations. When the first snow appears outside the window, it’s a sign that Christmas Eve is approaching. It is impossible to imagine Christmas without a colorful Christmas tree, sparkling lights and table decorations. Feel the magic of Christmas with us.

Christmas balls and decorations

We cannot imagine a modern Christmas tree without baubles. It is for decades the basic decoration of a Christmas tree. Some of us have glass ornaments that have been in the family for generations, and others adapt the colors of the decoration to the decor of the house. Traditional Christmas tree baubles are in the shape of a ball – a perfect figure that signifies the continuity of life. The variety of designs, colors and shapes is so vast that there is something for everyone.

Christmas tree decorations are not limited to glass baubles. Our Christmas tree needs variety. It is worth to hang chains, beads and do not forget about the lights, which give the Christmas tree the most charm. We can make decorations with our own hands, buy unique products from craftsmen or decide on the gifts of the garden. Decorations made of wood will stay with us for years, they are timeless and ecological. For wooden decorations match the angels made on crochet and dried orange slices. From the garden we can bring cones, which we decorate with artificial snow.

Handmade baubles

If we like handmade Christmas decorations, the Internet is a great place to look. Many artists create amazing baubles at very attractive prices. We will gain a beautiful decoration and appreciate the person who spent a lot of time to create a small work of art. We can choose traditional Christmas tree baubles or modern ones. Trendy are baubles with decoupage patterns, crochet, trimmed with fabric, painted or paper. Their variety is wide, from fairy tale characters to thematic decorations – for example for a soccer fan.

Christmas trees

A Christmas tree creates a festive atmosphere at home. Many of us decorate it already at the beginning of December, others, according to the tradition, on Christmas Eve. A Christmas tree is a symbol of the birth of a new life. Decorated and hung with lights, it symbolizes hope. Even with a small area of your apartment you will find something for yourself. The choice of trees is huge, several meters high to the ceiling, small to fit on the windowsill, traditional green, but also pink, blue, white. Depending on our needs we can choose a live or artificial Christmas tree. And when we want to introduce the newest trends, we can choose a Christmas tree on a trunk.

Live Christmas trees

The biggest advantage of a live Christmas tree is its amazing smell that spreads through the whole house and creates a festive atmosphere. Live Christmas trees can be cut down and put in a Christmas tree stand. In recent years, many people choose trees in a pot, which can be planted in the garden or allotment in the spring.

Artificial Christmas trees

If for some reason we can’t have a live Christmas tree at home – for example we are going away for Christmas or we have a pet that bites twigs – that’s nothing lost. Nowadays on the market you can find modern Christmas trees, which are very similar to the real ones. A high quality Christmas tree has rich, fleshy branches and a trunk like made of wood. They require a base in the form of a stand.

Christmas trees on a trunk

For a few years artificial Christmas trees on the trunk are leading, which incredibly resemble the natural ones. Christmas tree on the trunk is a very interesting solution. An artificial tree is placed on a real pine trunk, often covered with jute. It is a compromise between a live Christmas tree and an artificial one. It is also a tree for minimalists – it is very charming in itself and does not require many decorations. The branches of the tree start higher than in traditional Christmas trees, thanks to which you can fit gifts there.

Modern Christmas decorations

Christmas is a time that inspires not only us, but also the manufacturers of Christmas decorations, who follow the trends. Single-colored Christmas trees, minimalist color combinations, for example silver and navy blue or gold and white. Very fashionable are ecological decorations made of wood. An interesting decoration, but not only, can be an advent calendar. We can make it ourselves or buy a ready-made one. We can choose boxes or paper bags, in which we will find gifts or tasks to do.

Window and table decorations

Glowing garlands or curtains of light are perfect as balcony window decorations. They will not only give a festive atmosphere but also delight passers-by staring at our windows. The hottest trend of the season are miniature houses which when placed next to each other can create a small town. Modern Christmas decorations must also be on our table, where we will receive guests. A charming Christmas tablecloth is created from several elements: twigs, candles, pinecones or baubles.

Christmas textiles and figurines

Christmas textiles will warm up our interior. Linen tablecloths, thematic pillows with a motif or delicate bedclothes. Put Christmas figurines on the windowsill: forest animals, gnomes with long hats or Santa Claus figures. Lights hung on the facade or balcony railing create a great effect. A Christmas ornament hung on the front door will welcome our guests and make a good atmosphere for everyone from the very beginning.

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