Kompostownik na balkonie? To się uda!
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People who live in a block of flats can also reduce their waste more effectively. All you need is a balcony and a composter on it. This supports a zero waste lifestyle, but that’s not all: In return you get fertile soil that makes a great planting bed.

How do I start composting on my balcony?

The task is very simple: you can use a large garbage bag with a capacity of 60 liters. However, this can hardly be considered an environmentally friendly solution. It’s better to invest in a professional composter with a lid and ventilation holes which you can buy from the store and reuse over and over again. The decomposition of organic matter by bacteria, fungi and earthworms takes place in it. The resulting compost makes a good fertilizer for plants. In addition, we recommend that you buy earthworms and populate your composter with them. This will speed up the composting process. The Californian earthworm is the most recommended.

Does composting smell bad?

It is important that even a very small balcony is sufficient to run a composter. Some composters are cleverly designed so that no unpleasant odour associated with the decomposition of organic waste escapes from them

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