How to organize your child’s closet?

How to organize your child’s closet?
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Mastering and keeping your child’s closet under control is not an easy task. Unfortunately, most parents face chaos in their children’s closets.

Even despite relatively regular inspections, we are not able to control the mess. It is often connected with forgetting about the purchased clothes, which rest at the bottom of the closet, and as a result they are no longer suitable to wear, because our child has outgrown them. What to do to better organize your child’s closet?

The eternal question – a closet or a chest of drawers?

Parents are faced with the choice of furniture, which will accommodate the clothes of their children. Very often, when we are just expecting a baby, we buy a chest of drawers, which can be equipped with a changing table. Small clothes are easier to cube and sort into drawers. It is also easier because of the smaller amount of clothing

Over time, as the kids grow and the changing table is no longer needed, we begin to feel the need for more space to manage. As they get older, the number of clothes will also increase and the variety of clothes will greatly expand. Then it will be easier to keep them under control in the closet. It will also give us the possibility of hanging on hangers those more elegant elements of outfit, such as dresses, coats, shirts or suit pants

The most important divisions

A very important element of organizing a child’s closet is the introduction of divisions. This situation is analogous to our closet. The clothes should be divided into seasons, and consequently also into sizes. In the usable part of the closet, to which the child will have access, there should be clothes appropriate for the current season. In the summer, winter jackets or thick sweaters will cause confusion and also take up valuable space.

You can store them on higher shelves or vacuum pack them and place them with yours. If siblings share a closet, divide the shelves and hangers so that each child has their own section. Don’t mix their clothes, as this can lead to many arguments over whose blouse or sweater is whose. For pants, socks or underwear, fabric organizers will work great. You can, of course, not completely give up on your dresser and that’s where you put those small pieces of clothing

Accessories and gadgets

Every parent knows that children learn more by playing. It’s the same with getting dressed and the responsibility of keeping your closet in order. This is where various gadgets will come to our aid. For starters, you can choose hangers together. The ones for kids are usually smaller and colorful. Organizers will also come to our aid: boxes, hanging shelves, baskets

Additionally, each part of the organizer should be described (if the child can already read) or marked with pictures. This will make it easier for the child to find clothes, and putting things back in their place can become an interesting matching game. As a fun activity, you can also make scented sachets for the closet together, for example, from your child’s favourite t-shirt, which they have already grown out of, and dried lavender flowers.

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