How do I develop the space next to my house?

How do I develop the space next to my house?
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Decorating a house is a lot of fun for new residents, but the real treat, especially for those moving out of the block, is decorating the garden and the space around the house. The backyard garden can be a great place for recreation, but it can also turn into a vegetable garden or a meadow full of flowers. See how you can develop your home garden space.

Lawn and flowerbeds

One of the most popular methods of developing the backyard garden is sowing grass and planting flowers or decorative shrubs. This solution is very pleasing to the eye, allows gardening enthusiasts to show off their skills and give vent to creativity. Designing flower beds, laying out paths and choosing the flowers you plant can be great and extremely rewarding fun. Ornamental grass will create a beautiful, thick lawn that will wrap your bare feet wonderfully in the summer. Flowers, especially honey-growing ones, will not only be decorative, but also provide food for the bees that are so vital to the ecosystem. Morning coffee in a garden full of flowers, insects and birds tastes much better than in the kitchen

Building a terrace

A terrace is the dream of many a city dweller who has had only a small balcony all his life. The vision of spending evenings with a glass of wine or a cup of tea on a terrace lit by candles and lamps is extremely tempting. However, before you decide to build a terrace next to your house, consider how you want it to look. Terraces made of different materials will have a slightly different feel. Many people think that terraces made of wood are the most charming. They do indeed have their own unique atmosphere, especially in the summer when the sun-warmed wood gives off a beautiful smell. If you decide on wooden terraces, the price of building such a place, depending on the wood from which the terrace will be built, will be approximately from 100 to 350 PLN/m2. When building a terrace, it is best to trust specialists who will properly prepare and level the ground for the construction and skilfully install the terrace boards, so that they can serve you for many years

Taking care of your privacy

If you like to go outside in your pajamas in the morning, eat breakfast and drink coffee or a glass of juice, but you share a fence with your neighbors, take care of your privacy. There are many ways to shield yourself from the prying eyes of your neighbors, it all depends on what you like and what you want. A great solution for those who love nature would be to put ivy on your fence. It can be a real plant or an artificial divider, whichever suits you better. Another also natural way to hide from your neighbors are wicker screens. These are collapsible and mobile, so you don’t have to decide to put up a permanent divider for a fence, and only when you need some privacy can you set up a screen and use it to cover you and your family while you dine outside. If you don’t mind a bit of artificiality in your garden, you can opt for plastic pergolas or a concrete fence.

Arranging the space around your home can be a lot of fun and a chance to show off your skills. If you enjoy digging in the dirt and love nature,turn your garden into a flowerbed or vegetable garden. You can also divide your garden in half and grow both vegetables and flowers. If you love recreation, barbecues and relaxing outdoors, a beautiful terrace will be a phenomenal thing, where you can not only read books and sunbathe, but also turn it into a summer dining room. If you value your privacy, don’t forget to cover the fence in such a way that no one disturbs you from enjoying your garden.

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