Recykling w ogrodzie? Czemu nie! Postaw na eko aranżację
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Many materials can be reused not only at home, but also in the garden. In this article, we’ll tell you what items will work great as decoration

Wooden planks

Remnants of an old sideboard? A damaged pallet? You can use such elements as natural decoration for your garden. You can use them to make a plant stand, a place to store tools or a sign.

Old drawers

If you are just renovating and want to get rid of old furniture, reuse old drawers. In them you can put… plants.

Damaged flower pots

Broken or torn pottery can be used as an interesting decoration for plants in your garden.

Tea and coffee cans

If you want to plant herbs, you don’t have to buy new pots. Just use cans or jars that previously held food products.

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Gutters as a place to grow plants

Old gutters can also be used creatively. If they do not have holes, you can renew them visually. Inside you can easily fit soil and small plants.

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