Świadome zakupy: kupowanie na wagę czy w opakowaniach?
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As we begin to live in harmony with nature, many questions arise. One of them concerns conscious shopping. How to shop in the spirit of zero waste? Is it better to buy products in packages or by weight?

Conscious shopping makes sense

Several years ago it was said that plastic is an extremely useful material that helps the environment. Unfortunately, now we know that in large quantities it harms our planet. Materials from around the world show us this, and we can even find microplastic in free-standing lakes or tap water!

If you want to shop consciously, remember that buying by weight is always more environmentally friendly. Under one condition, of course: you must have your own containers or bags for the products. Many stores offer this option, and you can make small packaging yourself at home, for example from unused fabric or curtains. There is no problem to pack bread, fruits, vegetables into canvas bags, nuts or dried vegetables into DIY bags

Such shopping is definitely friendlier for our environment! Don’t take plastic bags from stores or products in plastic packaging. Correctly separating trash is important, but reducing it is much more important

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