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When you start decorating a room for your child, you face a difficult choice as to what theme to choose. Recently, quite often parents with children decide on the theme of the forest, which does not surprise anyone at all. Greenery, the rustle of trees, singing birds, forest animals on a glade. All this makes the children’s room will become a safe asylum for your kid. What elements are worth betting on the most?


The obvious associations that come to mind immediately when you think of the forest are trees and wood. Introduce wooden furniture into the room, place a tree branch on the wall and attach some birds to it. Forest atmosphere at a glance!


Place wallpaper depicting trees or forest animals on the walls or on one wall only. It will create a unique atmosphere. Complete the look with mascots of bears, foxes, owls or roe deer. A great alternative to wallpaper can be stickers with trees or animals.


If you only want to accentuate the forest theme in a subtle way, you can invest in pictures to put in frames or posters. Nowadays, there are plenty of cute illustrations on the market with the reigning forest theme.

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