Achieving Bohemian Style in your Outdoor Space 

Achieving Bohemian Style in your Outdoor Space 
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Living in a home with an outdoor terrace offers plenty of decorating opportunities. However, styling a terrace with a boho aesthetic is especially fun and will bring character to any outdoor space. With just a few of the right items you can easily create a beautiful and inviting terrace that screams boho.

Use Rattan and Wood for Seating

To get the perfect boho look for your outdoor space, the use of wood and rattan is essential. The best option is to use wood for the frame and legs and woven rattan for the seating. Woven furniture gives off that beachy, tropical vibe that is synonymous with a boho style terrace. Monnarita offers a selection of seating with that very look, like the Petra outdoor dining chair, made of white eucalyptus and polyrattan, or the Versalles 2 seater outdoor sofa, crafted from dark rattan with the steel frame and legs.

Make your Terrace Cozy with Colorful Cushions and Rugs

Color is one of the best ways to transform a space, especially when it comes to boho style decor. On a terrace, pillows, blankets, and rugs are perfect additions to enhance the cozy and colorful feel of the space. On Monnarita, you’ll find cushions that feature bold prints, in vibrant colors and different materials, like the Santana indoor cushion with bright floral pattern, or the Beka boho stripe pillow, in trendy shades of beige and pink. The indoor/outdoor Bursa kilim-style rugs offer the perfect earthy and tribal boho vibe to your terrace, and they can also be used indoors too.

Complete your Outdoor Look with Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the style and mood of a space, and on a terrace, you’ll want to opt for a selection of lamps, lanterns and lights that add warmth and ambience. Choose items like the Gaspar sconce light for the wall and hang light string for above. You could also hang colorful string lanterns along the railing to make your terrace sparkle.

Bringing bohemian style to your outdoor terrace is as easy as selecting the right pieces.  Whether it’s furniture, pillows, rugs, or lights, with the items found on this site you can easily create the perfect look and ambience for your outdoor space. So, shop to add the perfect touch of boho style to your terrace.

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