Pionowe układanie ubrań – jak to zrobić i co to daje?
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You should know that a popular method for folding clothes is to stack them vertically. This may seem like a way to save a lot of drawer space. But is it actually such a good idea? If you want to find out, read our guide and find out how to fold your clothes and if it’s worth it.

How to stack towels vertically?

One item of clothing that is very often found in a home closet is a towel. It is worth knowing that it can be folded in such a way that it can be easily removed. The first step is to lay the entire towel out on a flat surface. Then fold it into three parts. This should create a thin strip from the towel. Its sides should face inward and this creates a towel folded into an even square that has its sides folded over. This is an aesthetically pleasing way of folding, so that the towel will not be creased.

How to stack blouses vertically?

In the same way you can fold blouses. However, you should know that in their case it will look a little different. The first step will be to spread the blouse on a flat surface. Then fold the sleeves to the inside so that they overlap. The bottom part of the blouse should be facing upwards, so that the blouse forms an even rectangle. In the next step, fold it in half. The blouse, folded in this way, can be put into the dresser, and this way it will not be a problem to take it out and find it.

How to stack dresses vertically?

It’s a good idea to fold dresses this way. It may seem complicated, but the method is very similar to the above examples. The dress should be laid out on a flat surface. Then its sides, along with the sleeves, need to be folded inward. In this way, a strip should be formed, which should be folded in half twice. A dress folded this way will take up less space, and what’s more, you can put it in the dresser and find it easily.

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How to stack pants and leggings vertically?

Folding pants in this way is very simple. You should fold the pants in half, so that both legs are joined. Then fold them in half twice. This way you can fold not only pants, but also leggings and short shorts.

How to stack skirts vertically?

In the case of skirts, the operation is very similar. First, you need to lay them out on a flat surface. Then fold the sides inwards and fold the whole thing in half.

Is vertical stacking worth it?

Many people wonder whether this method of folding is worthwhile. It is worth knowing that this is one of the ways to make it easier to keep your closet in order. Thanks to this form in which the clothes and other home textiles are folded, they can be easily removed from the closet or dresser without disturbing other elements of the closet. In addition, they can be easily found. One side of the clothing, towel or sheet is perfectly visible, so you can easily determine if it is something you are currently looking for. This is a great convenience and comfort.

It is worth knowing that clothes folded in this way do not crumple as much as you might think. After removal, it should be gently shaken so that the main creases can be removed. Many people think that folding clothes and home textiles this way takes a long time. This may be true the first time, but with each successive fold, it will become easier and take much less time.

Folding your clothes and storing them properly in a closet or dresser makes them last longer. So choose one way of folding and storing your clothes so that you can use them for as long as possible and at the same time take care of their quality.

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