W co zapakować jedzenie na wyjazd?
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The time for vacations and vacation trips has come and we can plan picnics out of town and longer trips with a calm head. However, it is known that during the journey and also after arrival we will be hungry, so it is worth taking something to eat and drink with us. How to pack it, while living in the spirit of minimalism and zero waste?

What to pack food in?

It is obvious that we can stop somewhere along the road and eat a hot-dog at a gas station, but it is worth to pack full-fledged food that will give us energy for the long journey. For drinking a bottle with a filter or one with a container for ice and fruit will be perfect. We can also take with us warm tea or coffee in a thermos or thermal mug. When it comes to packing food, reusable plastic containers and lunchboxes that you use every day are perfect. You can pack salad, fruit, or other dishes that you can eat cold in them. Sandwiches or rolls can be wrapped in paper or wax paper. You can put everything in a practical thermal bag that will help keep your food fresh for a longer time

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